Wisconsin Invasions Proof Of Communist Subversion Of Education

Where do these Bolshevik scum get the idea that invading our democratic institutions en masse is OK? In American society there are today two completely different political viewpoints abroad, the Conservative viewpoint that underpinned America’s traditional greatness, and the more modern and recently grown Progressive viewpoint that attempts to impose itself upon the Conservatives. There is a growing awareness that the two systems cannot exist side by side.

The later ideology seeks the utter destruction of the former. Tonight I saw a FOX reporter visit Columbia University and ask questions about political beliefs. Every one of the students parroted the standard Progressive viewpoint and they did this in a way that showed they knew nothing of America’s history and exceptionalism. The Conservative viewpoint was completely absent. Universities are subversive organisations and they’re at the core of the forces trying to destroy America from within. It makes no sense to ignore this fact any longer.

Check this video of students (vulgar half educated progressive thugs) invading the Wisconsin Capitol building today, after the Administration passed the bill that ended union bargaining for state employees. They do it without any knowledge that they are emulating the acts of the totalitarians from history, the Bolsheviks and the Nazis and the Red Army of Cambodia and China and Castro’s thugs who murdered their way to power in Cuba.

While American soldiers die on overseas battlefields trying to bring democracy to other countries, these yellow swine work to destroy it in America. The US has the finest democratic Republic on the globe and these leftist scum want to turn it into a soviet style totalitarian dictatorship. Its time they were made to understand that what they want is something that is totally incompatible with the beliefs of traditional Americans.

10 thoughts on “Wisconsin Invasions Proof Of Communist Subversion Of Education

  1. RB, I asked KG if he’d looked at this story, and then your story cropped up shortly after I sent it.

    Here’s my take with excerpt: The Pigs of Animal Farm Look Modest in Comparison.

    The voters saw this problem in November, but the Left acts like they did not get the message? This is simply not rational.

    What is rational is to conclude that the nihilists have taken control of the Left and the unions and the Democratic Party. Of course the Obama admin and the Agency of Lies (MSM) keeps abetting such notions, so we must continue to try to convey to the MSM poisoned world how dangerous all these entities are to America.

    Never ever forget the long time slogan of the nihilists, because your future depends on recognizing them by their deeds. “Bring her down, baby.” and “BURN BABY BURN!”


  2. Sinner, you may be right, but beyond the reasons you state. As LOTM stated in this summary:
    “if the Governor did activate the Guard that Obama would federalize them and then make a speech about Little Rock and the school house door.”

    Could Obama be crazed enough to do that? His popularity is nowhere near what Eisenhower’s was. No doubt about it, these ARE interesting times.


  3. Its time they were made to understand that what they want is something that is totally incompatible with the beliefs of traditional Americans.

    Sadly, for many of those who suffer from terminal Progressivism the ONLY cure will be a lead pill. I hope I’m wrong, but I struggle to see any other cure in the offing …


  4. The first words that came to mind watching that were “useful idiots”. They have been propogandised to and are not thinking for themselves, I mean really thinking.
    God save us all. This is everywhere.


  5. Ridiculous, I wouldn’t even call this a win for the right – just whats necessary for the State Budget… Imagine the response if a truly conservative US government does it to Federal employees and eliminates the Federal minimum wage…


  6. Actually this bill doesn’t do anything about the budget

    It allows them to take steps to balance their budget…

    more to the point: eliminates medicare, medicaid, & social security.

    I was putting forward some examples of what a truly conservative government might as part of the solution… Sinner you’re really not going to convert anyone to your extremely violent ideals if you act in such an arrogant and confrontational manner…


  7. Sinner, you’re forever beating that drum and in fact you’re wrong when you say “that’s where the money goes”. It doesn’t only go to those things, it’s just that they’re clearly identifiable budget items.
    The money goes on massive government interference in our lives at every level, from your local council right to the top. Many of the costs are hidden or ignored too and are never made clear. (think compliance costs for businesses and individuals, for starters). Those things cost not just in dollar terms but also in lost opportunities and I’d be willing to bet they at least equal the items you’re always banging on about.
    There’s plenty of money–it’s just spent in the wrong places on the wrong things. And the downstream costs of that dwarf your pet hates.


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  9. “Clearly someone who has enjoyed the benefits of a state education.”
    Clearly wrong. Again.
    And you don’t make any attempt to address the point I made about the costs of lost opportunities and overbearing regulations.

    You’re simply a blowhard, a violent loudmouth posing as a conservative and in your own way you’re as damaging to the conservative cause as any MSM shill.


  10. Just what do you think we should do with the commies?

    If they break the law you prosecute them in line with the law… If you do not like the law you campaign to get elected to change it… Communists make up a fraction of the population so we must reach those who are in the silent unconsidered or undecided majority and convince them that our cause is just and right so those true believers in communism are turned into an marginalised irrelevancy…

    You are a nutcase because you believe that you should have the right to walk up and stab or shoot anyone you deem to be a communist – which makes you as bad as them and no Conservative…


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