How Gillard Used Public Money To Bribe Her Way To Power

I find this a pretty disgusting abuse of the democratic process, but it does not surprise me. Its just so characteristic of leftists like Gillard and cynical self promoters like Oakeshott and Windsor. Gillard was desperate to form a government and be PM, and she used taxpayer’s money to buy the support of Oakeshott and Windsor by blatantly pork barreling their electorates. I’m not one who calls for new regulations, but this is so outrageously immoral, something has to be done to prevent such undemocratic and cynical events in the future.

Here’s the story as reported in the Australian-

Health Minister Nicola Roxon today announced a $96 million upgrade of the Port Macquarie Base Hospital and said the investment would go towards more beds and services. She said the government had committed to fund the upgrade as part of its agreement with Mr Oakeshott.

The announcement follows a visit by Regional Development Minister Simon Crean yesterday, when he opened a $6 million medical education centre at Taree. Mr Windsor today also issued a media release revealing the Tamworth Hospital will receive $220 million in funding under the federal government’s health and hospital fund, to be made available in the May budget. They include a March 3 announcement of a new carriageway from Bulahdelah to Port Macquarie as part of a $3.6 billion roads upgrade.

On February 24, the Tamworth regional council – in Mr Windsor’s seat – received a $150,000 federal government grant for extra street safety cameras. Five days earlier, funding worth $366,000 for community care programs was announced for Mr Windsor’s electorate. The joint state-federal upgrade of Chaffey dam, worth $43 million, was welcomed by a “delighted” Mr Windsor on February 9.

What a disgusting cronyist scam. If there was any justice, all three of these cynical depraved scumbags should be doing twenty years jail for perverting the course of an election. (That’s the law we need.) I just keep asking myself, why why why do we continue to elect such lowlife??

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6 thoughts on “How Gillard Used Public Money To Bribe Her Way To Power

  1. This is a perfect argument for small government and limiting it to a few functions. The less the government is responsible for the less it can corrupt and screw up.


  2. This is nothing new in Aussie, swing seats get a lot more pork than safe seats – the politicians of the day trying to buy their support…

    It’s as ineffective as campaign spending…


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  4. I guess the problem is that we live, not in a democracy, but in a doleocracy.

    The fastest growing economies in the world are NOT ‘democracies’ (India is not a democracy – voting is along caste lines). Why should that be.

    Churchill famously stated that democracies were the worst form of government except for all the others. But he was living in the VERY EARLY DAYS of British democracy. I wonder if he would still believe this?


  5. That was why America’s founding fathers went for a Constitutional Republic.

    The problem is though that the US parents have allowed their education system to be taken over by communists, so their children have no knowledge of this, have not been educated about what makes the US different, and sadly do not know the difference between their Constitutional Republic and a socialist democracy.

    This is a massive dereliction of duty on behalf of the parents who have failed to show enough diligence in monitoring what goes on at schools..

    The education system is the big problem. You saw it in Wisconsin. Ignorant uneducated thugs with no ideas other than those their Marxist educators have put in their heads. We absolutely must free the education system from the cold dead fingers of the commies.


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