Time We Stopped Making Heroines of Unmarried Mothers

Hand in glove with the cultural Marxist idea that women should be “equal”, we have the promotion of the idea that if they want to have children out of wedlock they can. Or not. If they get pregnant, and decide giving birth is a tad inconvenient, that’s OK too. Go ahead. Kill the child in the womb. The social liberals will applaud which ever way you turn. Its all just a matter of “choice” you see. (except for the child of course, who with its own body, doesn’t get a choice either way)

Leaving aside the issue of morality in the act of abortion, there are other serious social impacts. Falling birth rates mean there has to be immigration in order to prop up precarious social welfare schemes that teeter on insolvency because those receiving payouts will soon outnumber those paying taxes. These immigrants have to be drawn from countries where women have had children, or where people are suffering repression. So another problem we have to endure are the clashes between the heritage culture and the arriving cultures. But I digress. I really wanted to say something about single motherhood.

Mike Huckabee recently suffered a lot of vitriol from liberals who objected to his criticism of actress Natalie Portman being pregnant and unmarried. Natalie makes a lot of money. Many of the the wimmin who watch her movies don’t. Andrea Peyser writing in the New York Post-

“Get off the backs of women who are trying to raise their kids,” yowled Whoopi Goldberg, [who makes a living from highly paid appearances on the TV show the View], and is herself the spawn of a single mom. “Get off their damn backs. I am sick of this!”

A Census Bureau study last November determined that 29.9 percent of families headed by a single mom have incomes below the poverty line, compared with just 5.8 percent for those headed by a married couple. More disturbing — half the Hispanic babies born are illegitimate. In the black community, unwed motherhood tops 72 percent. We know that fatherless girls are more likely to wind up pregnant as teens; boys may be jail-bound. Mix the mess together, and you have a permanent underclass.

One time Presidential candidate Dan Quayle got in the same kind of trouble some years ago when he criticised a popular sit com TV show (Murphy Brown) for promoting the single motherhood theme.

“Huckabee is right,” said Lisa Schiffren, the Manhattanite who penned Quayle’s Murphy Brown speech. “But with a 40 percent rate of out-of-wedlock births in this country, it’s hard to be seriously critical without offending so many people.”

This is where I take umbrage myself. Why the hell not offend these people? There was once a time when single motherhood gained widespread condemnation. Liberals have worked hard to remove that condemnation and look at the damn result. The same condemnation existed in respect of abortion. And society was all the better for these attitudes. Its way past time we stopped making heroines of wimmin who have abortions or have children out of wedlock.

You think we’re in trouble now, wait till the taxpayer provided incomes for these wimmin dries up. Wait till the source of funding pensions for retirees dries up. Then we are really going to see some upheaval. That’s the liberals/ progressives for you. Not content with ruining us economically, they’re determined to ruin us socially as well. The combination of those two outcomes occurring simultaneously will bring a tidal wave of social breakdown we have yet to see the half of.

New York Post.

11 thoughts on “Time We Stopped Making Heroines of Unmarried Mothers

  1. Speaking of Natalie Portman, she’s actually engaged to the father so it’s not all that bad.

    As for the number of kids,I think we should aim for growth overall. As Peter Costello used to say have one for dad, one for mum and one for the country.


  2. “As for the number of kids,I think we should aim for growth overall. As Peter Costello used to say have one for dad, one for mum and one for the country.”

    I decided to take that bit out about single or two child families. Made the post too long and reduced the focus. Save it for later. 🙂


  3. Where it will no doubt be subjected to the criticism of those bottomless fonts of wisdom RRM and Pete George and all those other brain dead deranged demeritless leftists who hang out there spewing bile and nonsense, and who if they were ever going to “get it”, would have got it years ago.


  4. Red,

    That’s exactly it. They’d much rather just keep handing out money rather than expecting any sort of responsibility or altruism.

    I suppose it salves the conscience, somewhat, but doesn’t do anything to reverse the decline.


  5. This is tha natural outcome which results from the typical Leftist worldview of “All care, no responsibility”. In a [Leftist] world defined by the maxim “If it feels good do it” and someone else will sort out the consequences, is it any surprise that we have so many never-been-married mothers (who usually have numerous children to numerous fathers)? And, additionally, where casual sex becomes just another social pasttime, and abortion just another means of contraception?
    Yep, welcome to the unsustainable nirvana that is the average Leftist’s wet-dream – as long as THEY don’t have to pay for it!


  6. Kris,

    not only the typical leftists’ view, but the typical modernists’ view that men cannot live without sex, therefore women need to be available for them, and if there are unmarried mothers created that way, well … they should just be on contraception. Because, any man who is celibate is going to abuse children – just look at the Catholic Church.

    Still don’t know your marital status, btw.


  7. Red,
    You were right to include the immigration dynamic.
    I’ve been saying the same thing you allude to for ages(my family are fed up of it).
    The west is collapsing socially,economically and arguably politically.Our societies are not reproducing quality children. The underclass is growing while the middle class slowly sinks.
    In the meantime we have huge immigration from Muslim countries that have a vision and belief in themselves ,especially when juxtaposed with the heathen decadent west.

    We die ,they grow.

    As you say, we’ve not seen the half of it.


  8. That is right too Kowtow, but in spite of you and I and so many other NZers knowing what is going on, and how far down the wrong road we are, we still keep traveling down that road. Why is that??? Maybe we just don’t show enough anger to the right people.


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