Did Nick Smith Really Say This???


Nick Smith is reported in the NZ Herald as being annoyed with Ken Ring’s predictions regarding further earthquakes in Christchurch. Smith said he-


“took a very dim view of people causing alarm with no scientific underpinning.”

This is the global warming/ global cooling/ climate change/ rising sea levels/ species die out/ the world is coming to an end/ blue green fruit cake who is seriously damaging the NZ economy at the worst possible time with futile unworkable loony tune legislation and taxation that will bring about no changes to the earth’s climate and is based on a largely discredited superstitious nonsensical doctrine.

Smith also said-

“I believe in free speech but just as people should not stand up in a picture theatre and scream fire, people should not be making phony predictions of major earthquakes.”

Leaving aside the demonstration of his obvious failure to grasp the true principles of freedom of expression by referencing the cliched and unworkable “fire in a theatre” metaphor, Smith should really shut the hell up about “making phony predictions” and scaring people. The whole global warming scenario is based on exactly those strategies. Get out of our parliament Smith you pathetic fraud and hypocrite.


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