NZ Mainstream Media Still Doing Their Best To Discredit Don Brash

I have such contempt for these people really. They have no business calling themselves journalists. They are partisan propagandists for the Progressive side of politics. In the Herald we have John Armstrong suggesting Dr. Brash’s views are just a rehash of his 2004 speech.

Armstrong overlooks the fact that the every problems Brash highlighted in that speech are now more prevalent than ever, and even if his progressive media fellowship calling themselves journalists may want to downplay the issue, there are plenty of ordinary NZers who are as concerned as Don Brash about John Key and National’s promotion of separatist ideas, and their far too cosy alliance with the Maori Party.

Over at Stuff we have Andrea Vance, another well known indoctrinated Progressive posing as a journalist and doing her best to write ACT off by presenting part of Brash’s speech completely out of context. Vance has taken the a harmless remark concerning the shooting of natives in Australia and made it the focus of a hit piece on Brash and ACT wherein objectivity is cast to the wind in the very first sentence.

Brash’s willingness to talk about a subject the spineless Key would prefer to run a mile from accentuates how different the party would be if Brash had been able to stay on as leader. And if Brash had won the election Key won, how different NZ would be today. That is the real story, and for Armstrong and Vance to try and sweep this under the carpet with distractions about shootings in Australia and what was said in 2004 shows just how pathetically hopeless journalism is in NZ.

I wish Brash had had the guts to stay on, and face down the hostile and partisan mainstream media. The speech he gave yesterday shows the stark difference between Key and Brash. Whereas Key seems content to shamble aimlessly along grinning like a village idiot, Brash has a vision, and the means to coherently explain that vision, and the courage to speak plainly and forcefully on issues Key continuously scuttles away from. Brash is ready to lead. Key, now that he’s achieved his boyhood ambition of making PM, doesn’t even have a clue where he is going himself, let alone where to take the National Party and the country.

Brash’s speech was right on target. Key’s sucking up to the racists and separatists calling themselves the Maori Party is nothing but a damn disgrace and a rank betrayal of National’s founding principles. If Brash was leader it would not be happening and NZ would be so much better off and the country so much more unified as a result.

Messrs Armstrong and Vance played down the real story (the stark difference between Key and Brash) and shifted the focus on to trifles or issues that have the potential to damage ACT and Brash. Did they do this deliberately to shield John Key? I don’t know for sure. I know what I suspect. The alternative I guess is that it could have been just hopeless journalistic incompetence.

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  1. What I can’t stand from the Nats is this “we may look at it in our second term” bullshit . . . which of course means they intend to do nothing.

    Damn, they’ve even struggled to get moderate actions like something as mild and tame as National Standards over the line.


  2. There is no doubt Brash was destroyed from within and without. The hit job the MSM did on Brash was an absolutely disgusting display of partisan pandering, and there are very few people from whom Hager could have received those stolen emails, and I still reckon a proper investigation (rather than the whitewash conducted by Helen’s secret son Howard Broad) would lead right to the office door of the current Finance Minister. In any event, I’m not so sure what is so damning about the information released*. I mean, every party does strategy work, and not all of it should or could be exposed to sunlight. I’m sure in the Liarbore party strategy somewhere there would be something about making sure their militant wing (the union movement) becomes stronger.

    Point is, as you said Red, New Zealand would be a far better place (less disunity, less poverty, fewer people like me fleeing the rampant leftism) had The Don become Prime Minister rather than the smiling, waving fool in the job today. And that is the real story. Although I may be a little naive, but I always reckon you shouldn’t try and find a conspiracy where events can be just as easily explained through general incompetence.

    *One thing that’s always bugged me about the whole story is the job the MSM pulled on the Exclusive Brethren. Why is it that they are denied the right to participate in the democratic process? Destiny have (had?) their own party, and many churches have involved themselves to one degree or another in politics for centuries. Their method of worship may not be to everyone’s liking (and I know very little about them, their methods or their beliefs) but that doesn’t preclude them from participation does it? I mean, I loathe unions and the union movement, but that doesn’t mean (were it up to me) I would prevent them from participation. I just don’t get it, and I wonder if someone more cluey can explain it to me.


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  4. Who on earth is Andrea Vance? Is she young, naive and idealistic? Or is she a cow with years of socialist dribbling as her primary credential? The use of headlines to pull readers isn’t new but oughtn’t the headline bear some resemblance to the article it leads? I am not a journalist (nor perhaps is Ms Vance) but I would have imagined that part of the craft is to at least try to be impartial, non-inflammatory and of course accurate. Or am I naive?


  5. Ill be blunt. Lets cut to the chase about the treaty – tira rangatiratanga was only mentioned in the context of private property rights i.e what you do on your own lands is your own business. How the hell can you give absolute sovereignty to both the queen AND Maori at the same time? There is no ‘partnership’ mentioned in there. One law (British) for all was the spirit of the treaty. Imagine the screams of apartheid from the mint moonbats if Great Britain decided its profit from natural resources would be distributed exclusively to white Britons with tax exemptions.

    We are really nothing more than a slave class. Like the American negro during slavery, (with the exception of the numerous negro slave owners – 30% of free blacks in some cases e.g New Orleans vs 1.4% of free whites – yes whites were brought to America as slaves – research for yourself on whose boats they were taken there on, white slaves, mostly Irish, who were worth one tenth of a black slave and were therefore given the most dangerous jobs), like the American Negro during slavery, the average man or woman who only counts as two thirds of a person only makes enough for a subsistence living and a few drinks at the bar-room in the context of daily rapes and beatings and living in fear of getting too ‘uppity’.

    Time for Maori to honour the treaty, or lets pack up and go home and leave them the bill for building the country to first world standards, developing farms out of wasteland which were given back for free and for stopping the brutal genocide and savagery which was ongoing when we arrived and which was then turned on us. Even the number of bicycles stolen since 1840 would pay for the so-called stolen land that was already paid for twice over and which Maori trampled over each other to sell. Why keep giving and giving to the haters and wreckers who tricked us into this rottenest of deals?

    Considering the civil war going on between sunni and shia muslims how do they think this multicultural gag is ever going to work between such different peoples – one of whom has a guilt complex and the other of whom has a blame complex and a nasty gene? They want to see their ‘browning of NZ’ so bad?, lets just get the hell out of here and see how the Asians react when the greedy malicious hand of envy politics is held out to them. In the case of the white colonizer, colonization is only bad for the colonizer and only good for the colonized.


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  7. I first started to resent the MSM when dick-brained lip-glossed tarts began to introduce the TV news with “what we have for you tonight!” They are a conduit not a factory. They don’t HAVE the news. They have the ability to present…nothing more. I have not watched TV news for at least a decade. I do not feel I’ve missed anything.


  8. “I do not feel I’ve missed anything.”

    Me too.

    Apart from the urge to throw things at the TV. 🙂

    Dividing yourself from the dead propaganda of the left every evening at six provides one with a much clearer perception of the overall political scenario.


  9. Remember the general attack on Brash for his “mainstream” comment. They were all out to prove how liberal they were by ridiculing the concept “mainstream”.
    Well I reckon the people who voted in overwhelming numbers in the various and ignored Citizens Referenda on crime and parents rights are mainstream NZers. We are the 80 % while the MSM ,political elites,Wellington bureaucrats ,academics etc are the 20% who betray the majority.

    Talking of conspiracies what about the officials who leaked “gone by lunchtime”?

    Turkey is said to have a “deep state’ or some such expression that keeps it under the control of the army and “secular”. Do we have something similar when the centre and left feel threatened there is a general mobilisation to discredit and destroy?
    This happened after the famous Orewa speech which should have brought Brash to power. But as he is not a professional politician he timed his release too early and the opposition had time to mobilise and truely brought him down.
    After Orewa opinion polls put Brash at around 70%,the mainstream again in behind him. Alas.


  10. To put a gauge on how multiculturism works between maori and europeans. I
    lived in a small community in the eastern part of the bay of plenty years ago. It
    was made up of predominately maori and a few europeans. A maori person was
    drowned in the ocean at that location and a fishing rahui was put on the area for
    the period of a Month by local kaumatua. Just after the rahui was lifted a local
    european was drowned at the same location. A rahui was once again put in
    place but for one Week only. I rest my case.


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