General Debate 15/03/11

Here’s some news that will surprise the hell out of everyone. 🙂

Deal with Maori Party falls over

NewstalkZB 11/03/2011 15:08:00

An agreement between the Maori Party and its former MP Hone Harawira appears to have broken down. The two have agreed the party wouldn’t stand anyone in Harawira’s Te Tai Tokerau seat, while he wouldn’t stand any candidates in other Maori seats. But Mr Harawira says the Maori Party’s broken other promises about his office accommodation, seating in the house and by personally criticising him, and as a result, he’s now not ruling out putting up candidates in Maori seats if he forms a new party. Hone Harawira says that’s sad, because he signed the agreement and was prepared to stand by it, but the party wasn’t willing to do the same.


4 thoughts on “General Debate 15/03/11

  1. Great, let’s hope that this chism uproots the entire Maori party and signals the end to race based politics. (One can always hope..)


  2. If you want to see Maori self destruct just wait till the F&S is signed off. Coastal tribes (west coast NI) will recieve royalties for iron sand deposits (est 2300 billion) . Que major jealousy. Give them enough rope they will surely hang themselves. Maori will struggle to form any major political party when tribes look with jealous eyes at each other. National are about to open Pandora’s box.


  3. “If you want to see Maori self destruct just wait till the F&S is signed off.”

    Hopefully it will be enough to wake the populace out of their passivity with Key and his band of betrayers.


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