NIWA Cut Backs No Great Loss

The Public Service Association through its left wing stooge spokesman and National Secretary Richard Wagstaff is whining again about government job losses. When are they going to get the message that New Zealand is running on a Volkswagon budget right now and can’t afford the luxury of a Rolls Royce bureaucracy? Wagstaff claims 44 jobs are to be cut from NIWA. Well hell, ain’t that a shame.

This is a department that has been thoroughly politicised by promoting self serving scare mongering propaganda on global warming. Stuff that could not stand scrutiny by independent observers.

I’d shut the whole Department down for gross dereliction of duty. We need an independent public service and not one that promotes scare mongering and propaganda aimed at enhancing its own role. NIWA played a big part in pushing the climate change myth, and as a result we now have the idiotic and economically damaging Carbon Trading scheme hanging around our necks like a damn millstone.

NIWA damaged our prosperity and now they’re paying the price. You reap what you sow Mr. Wagstaff.


3 thoughts on “NIWA Cut Backs No Great Loss

  1. Yeah, good riddance.
    Isn’t it fun watching the all the cracks being slowly exposed as the socialist state starts to crumble. Let’s just hope the sheeple wake up soon enough to set to rights all the rot before the entire carcass goes gangrene.


  2. I would not cheer just in case, as is likely, that these cuts are an opportunity to carry out a purge of those who might not follow the approved line and also to improve the ratios of ethnicities and gender.


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