Germany Shuts Down Nuclear Power Plants

The BBC is reporting that Germany has temporarily shut down seven of its nuclear power plants while it “reconsiders its nuclear strategy”. Chancellor Angela Merkel said all reactors that went into operation before 1980 would be taken offline, while safety checks would be carried on the country’s remaining plants.

This seems to me to be a bit of an over-reaction, but not out of character with the hysterical reactions whipped up by doctrinal environmentalists all over the globe. One can almost detect gloating in their ranks as to what has occurred in Japan.

Entire villages have been swept away and the death toll will be in the tens of thousands. Yet the environment obsessed media are focusing on the nuclear reactors where nobody has yet been killed and radiation releases are minimal.

Real Clear Markets reports that according to Ron Ballinger, professor of nuclear science at MIT, radiation spiked at about 100 millirems at Fukushima No. 3 before the first explosion. By comparison, you get about 35 millirems on a trans-Atlantic flight. A resident of mile-high Denver gets about 50 millirems a year.

BBC Story

10 thoughts on “Germany Shuts Down Nuclear Power Plants

  1. Yup. The Agency of Lies never misses an opportunity to use the words “melt down” thus feeding the hysteria no matter the facts. If there is a meltdown, I’d suspect sabotage somehow connected with the ruling elite than a true dysfunction. Betrayal by rulers is in full swing; it leaves us not really knowing whom to trust. To say so opens me up to reactionary retaliation, but it must be said.


  2. As long as the containment holds, the civilian risk is minimal. Should the containment breach however, the results will be similar to Chernobyl. Regardless, the situation in Japan emerged from an earthquake followed by a tsunami. Such natural disasters are rare singularly, but two in essentially the same event? No engineer or designer could have anticipated such an occurrence.

    Current technology makes nuclear one of the safest energy sources available. While the Japanese experience is tragic, it is by no means indicative of lax safety with nuclear power generation. In fact, some nuclear reactor designs are so safe that a breach of the containment is impossible.

    The upshot of all of this is that our nuclear reactors need to be replaced or upgraded periodically in order to prevent the types of accident that is now unfolding in Japan and the hysterical reaction of the left does not aid in that objective.


  3. Its really just another demonstration of how the left have a death grip upon our media. The purposefully generated hysteria outweighs the common sense about 100 to 1.


  4. Just a quick correction – I think 2 people have been killed so far in the explosions at Fukushima…

    The seawater seems to be doing it job thus far and each hour that passes mean less heat is generated by the core…


  5. Did someone say, “Meltdown” ?
    I’ve lost count how many times I’ve heard this term via our “impartial” media sources. Gotta keep feeding the BS to all the sheeple.


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