General Debate 16/03/11

Recent Florida Open Carry Survey

Respondents were first asked whether or not they supported the issuing of concealed weapons permits. In all three districts, support was overwhelming, with a margin of over 7 to 1 among men and between 3 and 4 to 1 among women. The respondents were then asked if they favored removing criminal prosecution for concealed weapons license holders who expose a holstered weapon. Men approved by greater than a 4 to 1 margin with women also approving at greater than a 2.5 to 1 margin.


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  1. from The American Thinker … As Mark Steyn quipped, “…a people that won’t multiply can’t go forth or go anywhere. Those who do will shape the age we live in.”

    …and the root cause of the West’s main problems…not enough rooting.Damn the consequences..,dont let the fact you cant afford to breed stop you,it doesnt stop the FOB’s …no problem,stop working,just head for the nearest welfare office(sic)and everything will be provided.

    Counter productive i know…but if we all made demands of the Welfare system,it would fall over tommorrow..,but at least we would have the satisfaction of knowing that our hard earned tax dollars would not be used to assist some anti-west/stone age culture gain a foothold.


  2. Yes, failure to breed has its consequences. Women are too busy being “equal.” Motherhood has been denigrated for decades.


  3. When Western governments see immigration “as the solution”, rather than encouraging reproduction from the ‘native’ population base, then you know the final death rattle of Western civilisation isn’t far off.
    Of course most of us here know that this is EXACTLY what the Marxist Left is aiming for …

    “Multiculturalism”, “Feminism”, “the Homosexual agenda”, a welfare dependent underclass, atheism, secular humanism, etc, etc are ALL enemies of traditional Judeo-Christian Western civilisation … and ALL are tools used and implemented by the Marxist Left.
    We’ve identified the “disease”, let’s [continue to] implement the “cure”.


  4. It’s not just the failure to breed. The quality of what’s bred is also wanting. Then add this lunatic notion that we need immigrants from the 3rd world to pick apples and sweep the streetswhen we have legions of unemployed. Add human rights ,diversity and multiculturalism and subtract our history ,and Christian heritage and we are facing disaster.
    I see on AJ news that both Italy and Malta are refusing entry to a ferry carrying 2000 illegal immigrants from N Africa. Are Europeans beginning to awake? I hope so.

    Here’s an interesting piece from the UK Telegraph. Note the Brothers beating the Copt. If this was the other way around in Europe or North America it would be front page news. As the victim is Christian ,it’s ho hum so what.


  5. PM’s chief scientist hits out at quake forecasters

    A bit rich coming from someone who believes in the myth of AGW.


  6. Yeah, Gluckman, another damn fool warmist worshipper.


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