Australian Study Warns on Cost Rises From Carbon Trading

Nick Smith’s scheme has a target of a 50% reduction in Co2 by 2050. This is loony tune stuff and Smith must know that. That he has been able to hoodwink the National Party and most of New Zealand into going along with this obscene propaganda is a measure of what a useless media we have and how gullible NZers are.

The Australian reports that the Minerals Council of Australia has commissioned the Centre for International Economics to undertake a study on the cost impacts of a carbon trading scheme. The CIE has found that “Charges on greenhouse gas emissions will skyrocket by between 118 per cent and 315 per cent when the carbon tax converts to an emissions trading scheme.”

The CIE modelling predicted that by 2020-21 the carbon price would rise to $57 a tonne under a 5 per cent target, $83 a tonne under a 15 per cent target and $109 a tonne under a 25 per cent target.

Don’t forget NZ has a 50% target. New Zealand emits about 0.1% of global CO2. So even if New Zealand reduced its emissions to zero overnight, it would make not the slightest bit of difference to the climate. So the only result will be higher prices for poor Kiwis. Everything will cost more: electricity, petrol, groceries, consumer goods since everything requires energy for its production or transportation.

That’s assuming of course that carbon trading even takes off. Bottom line is that the whole scheme is just an unworkable nonsense, and we need our heads looked at for voting for a government who was one of the first in the western world to implement this madness. There’s a review in the pipeline but I don’t hold out much hope for anything sensible coming out of that. If they were mad enough to go for it in the first place, how can they apply sense in any review?

2 thoughts on “Australian Study Warns on Cost Rises From Carbon Trading

  1. Why do we have this fixation on being FIRST (or near to) in the world to implement such destructive policies or law changes?!

    For example:
    • give women the vote (IMO)
    • remove corporal punishment from schools
    • criminalise parents for smacking (CP from the home)
    • decriminalise homosexuality
    • queer marriage
    • the Emissions Trading Scheme

    [Feel free to add to the list – I’m sure I’ve missed some]


  2. The review is meaningless–this government wouldn’t hold a review unless they were sure of the outcome. And the outcome will be exactly what they want.


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