Left’s Rank Propaganda on Treatment of Alleged Wikileaker Bradley Manning

The New York Times ran an editorial a couple of days ago entitled “the Abuse of Private Manning.” You can just imagine David Letterman and all of the other New York liberals opening their newspapers that morning and going into an apoplectic fit at this injustice.

Private Bradley Manning (a open homosexual) is alleged to have passed on thousands of secret files to Julian Assange’s Wikileaks group as a protest at the Army’s failure to implement changes to the “don’t ask don’t tell” policy. He is jailed in a military prison awaiting trial.

The Time’s sympathy for Manning is nauseating. He is facing serious charges, including “aiding the enemy” that could result in the death penalty, although the prosecution have already stated they are not going for this outcome. The Times complains Manning has had unreasonable delay in having his case heard while held in a prison cell at Quantico Marine Corps base in Virginia. The delay is actually down to Manning’s own lawyers who have asked for stays while his mental health is evaluated.

The Times say Manning is being totured and made to sleep naked. Manning is on suicide watch, and has been made to remove his undergarments nightly after threatening to use them to kill himself. He at all times had a bed and a blanket to cover himself, and is clothed in a standard jumpsuit during the day.

The Times say Manning is being held in solitary confinement. He is not in solitary confinement, merely a single cell where he is able to converse with other prisoners and mingle with them when outside the cell.

The Times says Manning was forced to attend morning parade naked. He was not forced. He chose to do this of his own accord. He has rights and privileges to food, mental health counseling, medical care, recreation, television, visitors, outside mail, and regular communications with his attorney. Newzreal Blog reports-

If Manning is being mistreated, he has judicial recourse under Article 13 of the Uniform Code of Military Justice which provides protections against unlawful pretrial punishment including the possible dismissal of the charges against him. Until Manning’s defense counsel makes a motion for relief under Article 13 and there are findings of fact to support the allegations of mistreatment, all that the Times can rely on are the whining of Manning, his lawyers’ complaints and the usual anti-American propaganda of the hard Left.

The allegations the left are spreading about Manning’s treatment are completely false, as all things coming from the left always are. If FOX News made such incorrect allegations as the Times has made about Manning’s treatment there would be a deafening outcry. The facts are that Manning is not being treated differently to any other prisoner, except where he has brought things on himself, and the delays in the trial are down to his own counsel. The left’s complaints about Manning’s treatment are just rank propaganda.

6 thoughts on “Left’s Rank Propaganda on Treatment of Alleged Wikileaker Bradley Manning

  1. It is a profound nuisance that one cannot rely on any information anymore. Everything is twisted to suit the author’s propaganda. You are continuously forced to try and find “opposing facts” in order to derive some truth, supposedly somewhere half way, but who knows? We have truly entered the postmodern shadow world of the Orwellian dystopia, where nothing is as it seems and every simple aspect of human life is interfered with by the bony fingers of the state and where every bit of information has been filtered by the officers of the thought police or the propagandists for various interest groups and other nefarious organisations. There’s a long way to go to get out of this swamp.


  2. All quite true Bez, but there is a difference between those who seek truth and those who twist it to political advantage. I daresay that you and I would not willingly repeat anything we knew to be untrue. Occasionally we may do that through error, ( as I did with that damn hoax email on Fonda) but never deliberately.

    However, there are many who do not care one jot for that principle. In fact I have had one commenter here whose messages I refuse to publish and who has openly stated his intent to use any means possible to fight Conservatives because they are “evil”, and therefore no restraint is warranted.

    And there is another difference that should alert one to where to be more watchful for deceit, and that lies in differentiating between those who seek to increase government power, and those who seek to reduce it. The latter know by means of reason that to lie in pursuit of their objective would be completely counter productive. They must speak truth and seek the counsel of other honest men for that is our strength. Without being bound together by this adherence to truth we will not progress.


  3. Gorbachev at Columbia University-

    “Before Perestroika, Soviet politicians operated with lies. We, including I, were saying, ‘Capitalism is moving toward a catastrophe, whereas we are developing well.’ Of course, that was pure propaganda. In fact, our country was lagging behind.”


  4. Jeremy,

    “For there to be any justice, there must be judgement and punishment… Anyone with a shred of common sense can see that – why not liberals..?”

    I think primarily because Liberals are, almost without exception, human secularists and/or atheists. And along with that goes pride, arrogance, self-conceitedness, and (like Red highlighted above) a basic view that the ends justifies the means if it will further their cause.

    And to pick up on what you just said about “justice … judgement and punishment”, if you deny the existence of the God of the Bible; and therefore that their exist eternal consequences to your choices and actions, then it becomes a simple matter to convince yourself that there is no, or should not be, any punishment for “wrongdoing” – a concept which is complete anathema to those on the Left.

    In their own minds those on the Left can never do, nor be, “wrong”. In their morally relativistic world “wrong” doesn’t exist per se outside of what they define it to be. Only those who disagree with their views and agenda can be “wrong”; they themselves can never be.

    Liberalism/Progressivism is a make-it-up-as-you-go amoral and self-deluded mental illness.


  5. Very well put Kris K. The Liberal/Progressive world-view has similarities to the concept of “situational ethics”. Interestingly, there are parallels in scripture, eg in the OT where Rahab hid the spies then let them escape down the wall, or in the NT admonition that “we must obey God rather than men”, but great care is needed in applying such principles in a manner consistent with the whole of God’s word, ie not just to suit ourselves.


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