I’m With The Christchurch Property Owners- Let Them In

NZPA reports on the anger of Christchurch property owners who are still being denied access to their properties to recover important and valuable items.

“Communist” Civil Defence workers had made decisions to destroy many buildings without consultation with business owners, Mr Langer said.

I’ll bet, some life long government employed little dictator who has no concept whatsoever of property and the rights of property owners and making decisions based on a foolish “no risk” policy dreamed up by bureaucratic superiors who are no better in their mindset than those big government soldiers on the frontline. I just wonder how many times individual rights have been utterly trampled underfoot in the name of public safety by officious uniformed little megalomaniacs drunk with the power of unchallengeable government authority.

Mr Langer was incensed he would not be allowed back into the building he leases to grab crucial items before its inevitable destruction in the next few days. He told NZPA the building was only moderately damaged and an engineer he had consulted had advised he could safely go into the building if some of the front wall was dismantled.

“But they (construction companies) are demolishing buildings already that have hardly been touched. They really are starting to knock down some buildings that engineers haven’t even had a chance to come in with the owner and assess.”

Utterly outrageous. These people have to be permitted back into their properties to recover personal effects and business items. If necessary, they could sign a release absolving any other party of responsibility. This over-reach of state authority is what happens when you run an unsustainable accident compensation scheme. To do it, you have to surrender every right to the state.

Civil Defence and Urban Search and Rescue (USAR) were “dictating” how the city was being run, he said. Demolition companies were being awarded contracts and demolishing buildings without anyone taking responsibility, he said. “And they are the ones that salvage what they demo’d and collect what they find.”

Civil Defence needed to open up the city to business owners straight away, Mr Langer said. “I think it is the right of the owners to get their own engineers in and to safely organise getting their stuff out.”

He is right. Let them in. This is an intolerable injustice.

3 thoughts on “I’m With The Christchurch Property Owners- Let Them In

  1. Three days after the ‘quake I remarked to Gecko that this was going to be a feast for the petty nazis–and so it came to pass.
    Amazing, isn’t it, what freedoms can be trampled on in the name of “safety”? I’m only surprised the Grey Ones aren’t claiming it’s “for the children”.
    How I hate these bastards…..


  2. “Well everyone was already dead and the rescue team would have been walking into a fireball.”

    We’ll just see about that when the inquiry is convened.

    Secondly, the guy is not just “barging in”. He has an engineer’s OK. Secondly, (he claims) the demolition guys are recovering the gear anyway, so where is the real risk? You need to read a bit closer.

    Thirdly, to say Brownlee Parker and Key have “killed” people is just immature nonsense. That is a serious charge and needs validation. There isn’t any.


  3. I can tell you from first hand experience dealing with CD, that they are in now way disposed to assisting us in assisting our clients (what they will allow and the procedure they want you to follow changes damn near hourly). On the other hand some of our clients have some VERY unrealistic expectations about what they can get out of their properties. I heard that a team of people went into our building yesterday with a window of 60 min. 45 of which were wasted in an argument with USAR.


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