An Idea To Help New Zealand Through The Hard Times

I was reading about the pain in the arse liberal Stephen King (writer) who recently made an anti-Conservative speech wherein he bemoaned that he only paid 28% tax and asked, “why am I not paying 50%?”. Yep, he really said this. Now, I often say liberals are insane posturing narcissists without the faintest connection to reality, and people say I am too harsh. Yet here we have this prize dumbarse King proving that if anything, I’m far too light on how incredibly dumb the left can be.

Leaving aside the issue that King is incredibly rich from his novels, and even if he never earned another dollar in his life, could still live a life of luxury most of us could only dream of. In other words, he’s got his, so of course he can pretend to generosity. Leaving that aside, if King is surely puzzled by why he’s only paying 28% tax, why did this puzzlement apparently only come to him at the time he was making a virulent anti-Tea Party speech in Florida the other day?

If King has indeed been puzzled by this for an extended length of time, he must be an utter idiot. He could have eased that puzzlement anytime he wanted merely by putting a call through to the Treasury Department’s volunteer donations program and making arrangements to pay more tax. Its that easy. Of course he could be just a damn liar and fake, a cowardly lying charlatan seeking favour with the left and not really wanting to give any extra tax at all. But I can’t see King being that dishonest. Can you? He must be just an utter dumbarse.

But anyway, it struck me that seeing there’s so much adoration for the concept of big government in NZ, and we’re borrowing $300 million per week to fund welfare and government services (like Radio New Zealand) why the hell don’t we have such a service as the US Volunteer Donations Program. Especially now the country is up to its neck in debt. Maybe one already exists. I don’t know, but if it doesn’t one should be set up, and all of those caring socialists who exist at the Standard and Keywiblog and Red Alert, and within the National Party and the Labour party, and are just out there walking the streets and daily wishing for bigger and more powerful government should sign up immediately.

Especially all the rich socialists raking in hundreds of thousands from government jobs, or socialist patrons like Stephen Tindall, Dick Hubbard, Paul Holmes, and John Campbell could take the lead and pledge say 80% of their income to the state. Instead of just so smugly telling everyone else to pay more, these state worshipping goons could turn their professed concern into something real.

Come on Mr. English. Set it up, and you and John Key and David Farrar and Phil Goff and Trevor Mallard and Lyn Prentice and the lame socialists running Radio New Zealand can be the first ones to sign up. Stop talking and show us plebians how its done.

I’ll bet Stephen King, now that he knows about it, is rushing to sign up to the US scheme right now!!! You just know he is.

2 thoughts on “An Idea To Help New Zealand Through The Hard Times

  1. I think you can make donations to the IRD… Might be the only unused form in the place…

    I agree with Cactus Kate when she talks about how her job minimising people’s tax in something she is proud of and believes in… I completely agree, keeping the money out of the hands of incompetent politicians and in the hands of productive citizens is a patriotic act…


  2. The fucking pinko’s would just love a 50% tax rate, one can’t fly on one bottle of Chardonnay . But of course a higher tax rate is a socialists wet dream, lessens the options private individuals have over their own lives, boosts further dependence upon the state and their whims.


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