Map Showing Estimated Path of Nuclear Radiation Plume

This map shows the estimated position of the nuclear radiation plume drifting towards the US at 2 am on March 22nd. Position is conditional upon wind and weather variations.

Now have an update on this map at this link.

This forecast comes by way of the Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Treaty Organization The Organization provides a confusing rider to the information thus-

“The forecast does not show actual levels of radiation, but it does allow the organization to estimate when different monitoring stations, marked with small dots, might be able to detect extremely low levels of radiation.”

They also specify that health and nuclear experts emphasize that any plume will be diluted as it travels and, at worst, would have extremely minor health consequences in the United States.

Further news- Fukushima Fuel Rods In Damaged Cooling Pools Probable Source of Escaping Radiation

Latest Fukushima Update 03/19/11 and explanation of INES Scale

Source-New York Times

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2 replies

  1. Nearly as bad as Dan’s Chart of the Day over at The Dim Post. What are ‘arbitrary units’ of radiation?


  2. I see the Chinese have taken to panic buying iodised salt in the vain attempt to beat the radiation. Fuck there are some thick people in this fucking mad world. A couple of teaspoons of iodised salt will kill you quicker then the bloody radiation. Perhaps Fonterra should put a few drops of iodine in flavoured milk and flog it off as radiation repellent for the Chinese, make heaps.


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