General Debate 18/03/11

Current Status of Obama “Birther” bills, state by state. These are bills wherein any Presidential Candidate has to provide positive proof of compliance with the Natural Born Citizen clause of the US Constitution to register on the Presidential ballot in that state. (Natural born is a status above and beyond that of an ordinary citizen, in that the candidate must have been born in the US to parents who were US citizens.)

NE – LB 654 hearing held as of 3/10/11.
HI – HB1116 Rida Cabanilla (D!) intro’d bill 1/11 to supply BC for “persons of civic prominence” upon request and $100 fee.
MO – Failed in ’09. Trying again, HB 283 hearing held as of 3/1/11.
TX – HB 295 intro’d 11/10, in committee as of 2/15
TN – SB 1043 intro’d 1/11, in committee as of 2/23.
OK – OK – SB91 advanced to House for consideration as of 3/14.
CT – SB 391 intro’d 1/11. In committee.
IA – SF 369, intro’d 3/11. In committee.
GA – Failed in ’10. (HB 1516). Failed in ’11 (HB 401).
MT – HB 205 intro’d 1/11. “Missed Deadline for General Bill Transmittal”
AZ – Failed in ’10 – passed house, senate refused to vote. Tried in 2/11, died in senate committee.
IN – Intro’d 1/11. Died in committee.
NH – Intro’d 3/11. Died in committee.

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