Jane Fonda Booted From New Hampshire Speaking Event After Vets Protest

A while ago A FOX journalist approached Jane Fonda when she was attending an anti Tea Party rally somewhere in the states and asked if she had any regrets about the number of South Vietnamese who were murdered when the Nth Vietnamese Army entered Saigon, and later when they purged the new communist state of citizens who might have threatened the Communist’s hold on power. Fonda pretended not to hear the question, in an artifice that was sickening in its transparency. So the reporter asked her again. A speaker was on the podium. Fonda put her fingers to her lips and said Shhh..!!! in another cowardly evasion of the question. The reporter gave up.

I found this arrogant refusal to accept the reality of what she was, and the way she armoured herself against criticism by evading a question that demonstrated just what she had contributed to by her white anting of the war effort, extremely irritating. Her smug expression at the time only added to that irritation.

Now she’s got the message straight and sure from New Hampshire, where a speaking engagement has been canceled because of the protests of local Vietnam Vets who called her a traitor.

With threats of a possible protest looming, Fonda will no longer serve as the keynote speaker for the New Hampshire Women’s Leadership Summit scheduled for June 10 at Nashua Community College.

[..] “I’m delighted. We accomplished our goal,” said Roland Petersen, 72, one of the veterans opposed to having Fonda serve as the keynote speaker. “I wanted the publicity because I don’t want anybody in the country considering honoring her.”

[..] Bill Stergios of Candia contacted Jordan last week about the matter, asking the summit to find a replacement speaker who would not offend the men and women who had fought for our country or belittle the sacrifices of those who had died in war.

“Ms. Fonda’s behavior during the Vietnam War was traitorous. She actually took part in propaganda against the United States,” Stergios wrote. “This issue has needlessly opened up old wounds for a lot of veterans and people who lived through that time.”

Damn well done guys. This scum shouldn’t be honoured anywhere in the US. Let her go to Vietnam and make her speeches over commie propaganda radio as she did back in 1972. Picture shows Fonda sitting on Nth Vietnamese anti-aircraft gun.

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