Ken Ring- He Might Be Crazy, But He’s Less Crazy Than Nick Smith

Keywiblog comment from Starboard. 10.03pm 20th March-

Wife and I were sitting in lounge bagging Ken Ring saying what a cherry he is when BANG a mother of a shake came thru the house , lamp in lounge fell over, house rocked back and forward. Sorry Ken all is forgiven.


Ken Ring………………….1

Nick Smith………………..0

No earthquakes for a relatively large number of days and then one bang when Ring said it would happen? As for Smith and his climate change bullshit- we’re still waiting, and not a skerrick of reliable evidence yet.

If there’s any fraud charlatan and necromancer here, right now it looks more like Nick Smith than Ken Ring.

NewstalkZB reports-

No damage has been reported to police or the Fire Service after tonight’s 5.1 magnitude aftershock in Christchurch. It struck at 9:47pm, 10 kilometres east of Christchurch at a depth of 10 kilometres. It was preceded by four minutes by a shallower 3.0 magnitude tremor centred west of Lyttelton.

So much for the sneering and hypocritical Herald editorial today. Hypocritical because it raises the question- why don’t you subject the climate change scam to the same degree of scepticism and scrutiny?? Just to see Nick Smith interrogated with even one quarter the vigour John Campbell questioned Ken Ring would be enough.

For the record, here is Ken Ring’s prediction:

Next year, the morning of 20 March 2011 sees the South island again in a big earthquake risk for all the same reasons. This date is the closest fly-past the moon does in all of 2011. The node arrives on the 20th at 9.44am. As that date coincides with lunar equinox this will probably be an east/west faultline event this time, and therefore should be more confined to a narrower band of latitude. The only east/west fault lines in NZ are in Marlborough and N Canterbury. All factors should come together for a moon-shot straight through the centre of the earth and targeting NZ. The time will be just before noon. It could be another for the history books.

8 thoughts on “Ken Ring- He Might Be Crazy, But He’s Less Crazy Than Nick Smith

  1. The gravitational forces exerted by the moon on earth will increase as the moon gets closer. The tectonic plates seem to be on the march, so I can understand that if they are going to shift some more, then it is a likely time….but to be specific about Canterbury and times takes it a bit far. However it is more realistic than AGW.


  2. Like I said the other day:

    “I guess if another quake were to hit Christchurch around the 20th then Ken will be able to tell Nick Smith (and David “John-Key-is-God” Farrar) to kiss my ri…”

    Time to start puckering up, Nick and David … is that chocolate on your lips?


  3. We have had twelve 5 to 5.6 magnitude aftershocks since September. A 5.1mag does not constitute a magnitude 7+ or even an 8 as predicted (see below). Let him go back to his ‘palm reading for cats’. We’d be back to burning witches at the stake if people carry on listening to fakes like him.

    from the above website…..

    “We will also list ‘Some of Ken Ring’s other Strange Beliefs’, that while not connected to weather prediction, serve to seriously undermine his claim that he can separate sense from nonsense. Things such as his book on palm-reading for cats and his pseudo-history views. Did you know that man and dinosaurs coexisted or that Maori were brought to NZ as slaves?”

    “Originally on his website’s earthquake chart, Mr Ring had predicted a “7+” quake for March 20″.

    And from Wiki-answers….
    On September 4 2010 Christchurch New Zealand suffered a magnitude 7.2 earthquake.
    Ken Ring is predicting that on March 20 there will be a magnitude 8 earthquake for the same place. Here’s hoping he’s wrong!


  4. Err Phill, what this post is about is applying the same kind of scrutiny to global warming advocates like Nick Smith as has been applied to Ken Ring. Have you done that?


  5. Phill said:
    “We have had twelve 5 to 5.6 magnitude aftershocks since September. A 5.1mag does not constitute a magnitude 7+ or even an 8 as predicted”

    Whether or not it was a really large (7+) quake, or not, a 5.1 occuring on the very day Ken Ring stated one MIGHT occur is still significant. And remember, he never said one would definitely occur, just that the liklihood was greater based on moon proximity, etc.

    You should be thanking God above that Ken Ring’s prediction wasn’t 100% on the money!

    Oh yeah, and what Red said at 11:02.


  6. It’s too much for Ring to claim to predict earthquake locations and intensities, but I believe that the movements of the moon do trigger earthquakes. The small slew of earthquakes on March 20th were indeed normal tremor activity, but I think it is significant that they happened around “moon time”.


  7. I am a recent follower of Ken Ring’s predictions – he certainly got it right over the recent Christchurch earthquake. How accurate have been his previous predictions?


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