General Debate 22/03/11

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Associate Social Development Minister Tariana Turia is believed to be pushing to scrap local coordinators, local child advocates, and the “it’s not okay” campaign. The moves would release 11.5 million dollars for Whanau Ora. The programme funds Maori and Pacific agencies to work with families on all aspects of their well being – including family violence. The proposal is expected to be considered by Cabinet’s social services and justice committee next week.

So I looked up Whanau Ora on the web to see where that $11.5 million would be going. (apart from to the representatives of a party that only has 1.1% support.)

  • Whānau Ora is an inclusive approach to providing services and opportunities to whānau across New Zealand. It empowers whānau as a whole, rather than focusing separately on individual whānau members and their problems.
  • Whānau Ora will work in a range of ways, influenced by the approach the whānau chooses to take. Whānau Ora is not a one size fits all approach. It is deliberately designed to be flexible to meet family needs.
  • Some whānau will want to come up with their own ways of improving their lives, and they may want to work on this with a hapū, iwi, or a non-government organisation (NGO). Other whānau will want to seek help from specialist Whānau Ora providers, who will offer them wrap-around services tailored to their needs. Whānau will have a practitioner to work with them to identify their needs, develop a programme of action to address them and broker their access to a range of health and social services.

Anyone see $11.5 million value there? What utter racist BS. Man National need to be dumped for going along with this damn psychobabble rubbish. We’re meant to be cutting back but there’s still $11.5 million for this?? Hopeless.

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  1. is an inclusive approach

    will work in a range of ways, influenced by the approach the whānau chooses to take

    who will offer them wrap-around services tailored to their needs

    develop a programme of action

    You’re right. It’s always the same, just meaningless platitudinous waffle with a multi-million dollar price tag.


  2. “broker their access to a range of health and social services.” Classic!
    What this means is spread $11.5m around the whanau in nebulous ways mostly on cars admin and general ‘expenses’ and then point the folks in the direction of WINZ, CYFS and the local GP.
    A scam.


  3. You guys are missing the point I think, although George is close to what it will mean practically.
    The core of the idea is to create PROFESSIONALS in accessing welfare and social services loot. That goes well beyond what is already available through WINZ etc, it means effective race-based “community organizing” in Cloward and Pivven style.
    The blue print for all of this directly mirrors the whole ACORN scam in the US.

    This 11.5 million is only part of the money that will be spent on creating a cadre that will exert political influence at all levels of government and directed at all organisations that have access to government funds in any way possible. Because race based initiatives carry political clout, this cadre will, over the back of the people they “represent” gain very serious influence and access to serious funding. Put differently, the money spent on creating this organisation will incur a substantial “leverage” to pry loose much larger streams of funding. Examples: expect efforts to create projects at local and regional authorities where the Whanau Ora coordinator will be involved (and greased) to have input in just about everything from race oriented rubbish removal to culturally relevant park and sport field development, contracts for Maori inspired art on and in local buildings and assets, culturally appropriate meeting facilities etc. Expect all locally operating NGO’s to appoint whanau ora coordinators to engage with local hapu and whanau at individual, and specific level. Expect these coordinators to be in turn coordinated by the Maori party, creating a direct link into government programmes and coffers.
    Expect the rapid development of a branch of well-subsidized academics originating from this same pool to produce reports on how fantastic this is all working, without providing any concrete data on reductions of poverty or crime.

    What is happening is the development of a parallel structure of government, all financed by the hapless taxpayer. A structure that in the future can be combined with the accumulation of assets and the creation of a Maori “upper class” that is well underway. What we see developing right before our eyes is the structure by which Maori will “take back what was stolen of them”. In a few decades living in NZ will be very alike to what many South Africans are now experiencing. Instead of creating a joint future for all people in NZ, divide et empere is the game of the day.


  4. That’s all very good and perfectly correct Bez. If you can see it, and I can see it, and probably most other readers of this blog can see it, why are John Key and his cabinet apparently so HOPELESSLY BLIND TO IT??????

    This is not money to improve the lot of maori, its real purpose is to fund a racist and separatist political movement.

    Why is this lie, that stretches right from Key’s office down through parliament to the news media, not be exposed for what it really is by someone in that chain?

    Within that chain of deceit lies the greatest danger to our freedom, for that collection of charlatans will lie about anything that takes their fancy.


  5. Danyl at the Dim Post:

    We know this government well enough to predict that this will be a balanced, zero-spend budget the same way the tax cuts in the last one were ‘fiscally neutral’, ie: it’s an empty propaganda term that will have no relationship to the budget that English passes. The Ministers spending the most will be the most effective at defending their pet projects

    Sounds about right.


  6. Hi everyone. Just changing it up a little. Feel free to ignore as necessary…

    Last night The Gantt Guy is trudging from the office to the train station (yes, The Gantt Guy is one of the ‘other people’ who use public transport). The Gantt Guy is in a foul mood. The meeting that was supposed to finish at 4pm has just finished, at 6pm. The Gantt Guy is walking quickly, side-stepping and fending off the beggars and fellow-travellers. His headphones are on and his ‘FUCK OFF’ face is firmly affixed.

    Up pops, directly in front of him mind, a shiny wee thing with a nice smile and a certain… I don’t know what. ‘Hi. I’m Tina.’ The bright young thing effuses. Because she is a shiny wee thing, The Gantt Guy removes his headphones and says ‘Hello.’ The remainder of the conversation goes thus:

    Shiny Wee Thing: ‘What’s your name?’
    The Gantt Guy: ‘I am The Gantt Guy. What are you selling?’
    Shiny Wee Thing: ‘I’m not selling anything but I wonder have you heard of UNHCR?’
    At this point, The Gantt Guy smiles his best ‘Father Knows Best’ smile
    The Gantt Guy: ‘Yes I have.’
    Shiny Wee Thing: ‘Well, what have you heard about UNHCR?’
    The Gantt Guy: ‘I know UNHCR is an artifice of the UN. I know the UN is utterly corrupted and rotten to its core. I know the UN is responsible for most of the illegal migration around the world. I know the UN is responsible for the ‘anthropogenic climate change’ fairy tale. I know the UN is behind the One World Government movement. I know I will never support anything to do with the UN, except its disbanding.’
    Shiny Wee Thing: ‘Oh.’

    Shiny Wee Thing slinks away to find her next victim.

    This interaction improved the mood of The Gantt Guy considerably.


  7. You could have added-

    And its where an ugly old commie, who spent the her whole life and especially the latter ten years doing all she could to destroy a great country, now works.


  8. I probably should have said something along those lines Red, but she was a Shiny Wee Thing with a nice smile and a way of filling her t shirt that reminded me of certain youthful pursuits 🙂 it would have been a shame to ruin the moment by conjuring up an image of she who looks like an reconstructed extra from The Night Of The Living Dead.


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