Fascism and Rascism to Cost Auckland Ratepayers Up To $8.9 Million This Term

Its other people’s money you see, so Auckland Mayor Len Brown, a committed socialist, cares not one jot for spending it on yet another reckless racist and fascist plan. There’s just so much wrong with this idea it has to be symptomatic of mass insanity. How the hell do citizens voluntarily get themselves in a position where they allow themselves to be robbed and cheated by charlatans like Brown??

The Council and the Mayor are elected by democratic vote. As a result of that election, they now take ratepayer’s money and use it to pay for the appointment of an unelected governing body (The Maori Statutory Board) selected upon race. This is racism, and it is facism, in that council is awarding a certain race special privileges not available to any other race. Not only is it racist and fascist, it is separatist, encouraging social and cultural divisions in our culture and government that are totally unnecessary and destructive. It is also arrogantly wasteful.

The original annual budget for this evil farce was $3.4 million. Public outcry saw it reduced to a proposed $1.9 million. It should be ZERO and the idea should be abandoned. Let’s just have ELECTED government, not a pack of racists governing by selective and undemocratic appointment. Who have effectively bypassed the democratic process.

Now get this. This unelected board of racists and fascists is taking Auckland Council and its ratepayers to the high court seeking to have the original $3.4 million budget reinstated.

The NZ Herald has asked for documents relating to board appointments and funding agreements but the council has refused.

So not are these arrogant socialist scum arguing over an issue that shouldn’t even exist in a civilised society, they’re using our money in a legal fight to establish just how much more of our money they can waste on this evil, undemocratic and destructive concept. And they demonstrate even more arrogance by refusing to allow ratepayers, who are funding the whole farcical process, full information on the arrangements.

Gobsmacking that this kind of event is occurring. Even more gobsmacking that apparently lame sheep-like Auckland ratepayers don’t care too much about it. A spirited citizenry would be burning down city hall and tarring and feathering the Mayor and council. Talk about sheep being shorn.

3 thoughts on “Fascism and Rascism to Cost Auckland Ratepayers Up To $8.9 Million This Term

  1. How often do we hear the term “citizen” or the concept of “citizenship” used these days?
    I think it’s deliberate and the media go along with it.
    We are clients,customers,beneficiaries,indigenous(belonger and entitled),Pakeha (outsider),immigrant,etc etc. We are broken up into groups beholden to someone else. Not to our selves as citizens who own and run the country as citizens. Or else we are identified along racial lines with all the division and coded signals that goes with that.
    All the major parties play this game. Hopeless.


  2. Of course the term “citizen” implies a “sovereign state” – by the people, of the people, and for the people. It also implies personal responsibility and accountability, and that the state is answerable to its citizenry.

    But, of course, this doesn’t fit with the aims of the Socialist One Worlders:
    To establish their global socialist state they must, as a pre-requisite, do away with the whole concept of the “sovereign state”. Therefore, is it any surprise that references to terms such as “citizen” must likewise be done away with?!


  3. Well the Nats. managed to include this little farce into the Super City bill against the advice of Rodney and others.


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