Labour Not Ashamed Of Hiding Hughes Police Investigation, But Who Else Knew?

In a post entitled “Gutted and Grieving”, Claire Curran at Soviet Central shows where the left’s priorities always rest.

Red Alert is the voice of Labour MPs. Lately we’ve been a bit quiet and you can imagine why. Gutted is the word to describe how we’re feeling right now. Darren was a valued member of caucus, our Whip. A very talented and witty man. Popular. Dedicated to Labour. Grieving is what we’re doing right now. So give us a bit of latitude. We’ll be back, strong and focussed. Comments will be tightly moderated.

So one of their gang has had to resign for reasons as yet unspecified. Nobody resigns without a good cause and one does not need to have much of an imagination to figure out what the likely reason is here. There’s (probably) an offender and there’s (probably) a victim. Where is Labour’s sympathy for the latter? Just like Taito Phillip Field is still the victim, so the left have reversed the roles here. Just as with Taito Phillip Field, the left are putting Labour Party affiliations before the law and any natural consideration and sympathy for the (possible) victim.

This event gives us not only a demonstration of the left’s perverted views on justice, but their desperate attempts to keep the news of it suppressed also shows how little regard they have for the public. Goff even had the gall to complain because he suspected news of the event had been “leaked” by the government. Utterly outrageous.

The public had a right to know about the case the instant the Police became involved, and Labour should have acknowledged that right. That they didn’t is a demonstration of how much contempt they have for the electorate. That they expected other members of parliament to help them in suppressing it shows a bizarre and mystifying failure to recognize their roles and responsibilities.

Of course the other side of the coin is how many in the Government knew about this and kept quiet. How many in the media knew about it and kept quiet. As my friend KG keeps saying, there is a political class who have assumed social ascendancy in New Zealand and treat the rest of the country with utter contempt. Labour should be severely criticised for trying to keep this under wraps, but not any more or less than anyone else who knew about it and had a likewise duty to inform the public.

A Senior NZ Opposition MP is under Police investigation for two weeks and the public is not told??? Not by Labour, not by National and not by the media. Incredible. KG is right, and we bloggers are also quite correct when we say none of the present ruling class made up of politicians and media and bureaucrats should be trusted as far as you can kick them. We have to break free of the burden of these self appointed self serving Nomenklatura. What would they be capable of if they thought they could get away with it?

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  1. The exact reaction of the criminal after sentencing.
    Lamenting that- ‘I got caught because I got narked on’

    Not a bit of remorse for what they had done and as for the victim- ‘it was their fault, anyway.’

    And the other criminals nod in agreement.

    Scum- one and all!


  2. Spot on. Labour’s cover-up is shameful.
    The media is playing the role of defender of the homosexual Hughes without giving any thought to the victim of his predatory sexual practices.

    I am glad to witness the downfall of the despicable Hughes.


  3. I have 2 points here friends, on top of what’s already been said about the cabal that attempts to control us by controlling the information (great post BTW, Red).

    First, why did this story break in the first place? It certainly never would have under the Klarkenfuhrer. The answer is that someone told the Whale. It’s a well-known fact that repeaters often use blogs as source material (not that they ever acknowledge it) and I find the timeline interesting. Whale posts a series of Random Impertinent Questions and the next day or shortly thereafter the story is in the MSM. Could it be someone realised the jig was up, the news was out and they need to push their own version of it? Did Whale just ‘lead’ the story, or was he the catalyst for it?

    Second, my friends can we please, please, please stop referring to the one who got caught as ‘Taito’ Phillip Field. ‘Taito’ is an honorific. Phillip Field got caught and is thus no longer entitled to the honorific. Not suggesting that any of the scum in Wellington deserve any kind of honorific (in fact I think referring to Ministers and former Ministers as ‘the honourable’ and PM and former PMs as ‘the right honourable’ is the epitome of irony), it’s just that they haven’t been caught yet.


  4. Usually don’t have much time for Holmes but he was like a Jack Russel after a rat this morning. Poor old Goofy, trying to defend the indefensible. Perhaps it’s time you put Liarbore on your Fukushima reports red, fucking brilliant, socialist scum on full meltdown mode.


  5. Or, Labour is comprised of humans with human emotions and are upset about the actions and loss of a loved colleague? You want MPs to be like you (rather than a political class) yet you deny them basic emotions. They are allowed to grieve, they can even grieve for Hughes’ actions.

    We (the public) do not have the right to know of every allegation made against another person. Some allegations are false and can quickly be determined as false before they destroy the lives and careers of good people. I’m not saying this allegation is false, I know nothing about it. But, again, your claim that the public has the right to know of an allegation – an allegation not a fact – the moment it is made denies MPs the rights you yourself would want.

    Yes, Goff’s handling of this event is terrible. And perhaps Hughes is guilty. I guess we will find out once the police investigation has come to a result.


  6. “We (the public) do not have the right to know of every allegation made against another person.”

    We have a right to know immediately if an MP is under Police investigation.

    Let’s say that what happened here is that a young girl was drugged and sexually abused by a member of the National Party, who used his party seniority and the victim’s youth and naivety to prey on that girl. The MP would be quickly vilified by Labour as a sexual predator and they would have demanded his resignation immediately.

    In the current case, the left are hypocrites and show they also have no regard for the victim or the law. That Hughes gets undue sympathy from Labour is sickening in its disregard for law and propriety. That they tried to cover up the event instead of immediately declaring the Police investigation is totally irresponsible for a major political party.

    That Hughes is a leftist and a homosexual and this apparently entitles him to special treatment by the NZ political class (including some well known blogs) is another sickening aspect of the event.


  7. tina, you display a glaring capacity for misunderstanding this issue. These allegations were made a full 3 weeks before they became public. The party leadership knew of them a full 2 weeks before they became public.

    You’re right, I am suggesting a ‘regular person’ should be subjected to a different standard than an MP. The fact is, Hughes was in the Parliament a full 3 weeks after these allegations were made. What legislation was passed in that time? Did he have an influence on it? Perhaps not, but the possibility exists.

    Worse than that, the allegation was first made public by a blogger. The MSM has utterly failed in its mission here. The Labour leadership has utterly failed. If nothing else, it is a failure of political management. Goff could have shown himself decisive by getting in front of the story and standing Hughes down when he first became aware of the allegations. Another question of course, is that this event happened at the Deputy Leader’s house. How is it possible she didn’t inform the Leader immediately the police became involved?

    Compare Goff’s handling of this, with Key’s handling of Richard Worth. As much as it rankles to give Key any credit for anything whatsoever, the differences here are startling.

    Any slim chance Labour had of cobbling together a Coalition of Losers to take back the Treasury Benches come November has now evaporated. This leaves Key and his cabal of leftists and racist separatists a further 3 years of unfettered access to continue to destroy our once-great little country.


  8. “You want MPs to be like you (rather than a political class) yet you deny them basic emotions.”

    Nobody’s denying them “basic emotions” Tina, just demanding some basic accountability and honesty. Like it or not, the people who are supposed to represent us–and even more, who make laws which bind us–must be held to a higher standard of behaviour.

    This isn’t about emotions–it’s about integrity. And if you don’t understand that then I suggest you refrain from voting.


  9. Indeed, in my personal opinion those in parliament should be the epitome of decency, honesty, integrity, tranparency and morality. We, the people, should have the very best individuals ruling over us and looking out for our best interests and those of the nation as a whole – it is our right to expect nothing less!

    Instead we often have what appears to be the exact opposite – especially in Leftwing parties like Labour! Our parliament is filled with liars, charlatans, sodomites, immoral and corrupt individuals who will not hesitate in covering up for one of their own when “found with their pants down” – probably quite literally in this case!

    We need to demand that these individuals are UNACCEPTABLE candidates to either enter or remain in parliament. We the people need to set the standards – for we can be damn sure that to leave it to amoral and unprincipled Leftwing politicians (I include most of National here) will lead to absolutely no standards at all!

    Whether or not Hughes is found guilty of a crime, those who have covered up these allegations in an attempt to hoodwink the voting public should be sent packing from parliament – forcibly if required!


  10. I think there is hope for Labour. I will even give them some advice for free.

    Firstly, get on you hands and knees and beg Mike Moore to lead the party. Next kick out all useless MPs and start afresh.


  11. “Phillip Field got caught and is thus no longer entitled to the honorific. ”

    Don’t be too tough on Field’s. I actually feel a little sorry for him. I think he could do with a cell mate to stop him feeling lonely.


  12. @Tina: The point is precisely that there SHOULD BE different rules for people who are elected to work on the rules that govern society, especially since we have allowed those rules to also cover moral imperatives. Put differently, if you allow a person to participate in a process that sets rules for your behavior, that person should be absolutely above reproach, and preferably subscribe to moral standards that are common to the populace, if possible even to moral standards to which the populace would aspire, i.e. that person ought to be a role model.
    What we have here appears to be a nasty and covert homosexual, quite possibly with almost pedophile overtones, who uses a position of trust and power to predate on someone who would have looked up to him. Alcohol and possibly other drugs may have been involved, we don’t know.

    Not only should politicians be kept to higher standards, the very foundation of democracy ought to be that they should be subjected to more scrutiny, i.e. there should be more, not less, openness whenever their conduct or moral fortitude is under investigation.

    These simple truths ought to be a part of the job of a politician, especially for those like Hughes, who see it as a job, rather then as a service. If they are not prepared to operate under different standards and under increased scrutiny, they should not aspire to be a politician.

    It seems that increasing numbers of people are becoming eager to see a sea-change where we overthrow the corrupted system that is in place, and create one where only the most capable and those of impeccable honor will be allowed to make rules and set standards for others, rather then the morally depraved that now occupy the benches of power.


  13. “Kick out all the useless MPs and start afresh”, surely you jest Chuck, there would be no one left.


  14. You have extrapolated my points into a judgment of the moral standards we should hold politicians to. All fine and well but not my point.

    I was challenging your claim, that “The public had a right to know about the case the instant the Police became involved, and Labour should have acknowledged that right.”

    It seems the police got involved in the early hours of the morning of the alleged event. Should Goff have been on the line to the Dom Post by 6:30am? Is that close enough to ‘the instant’?

    I agree that it seems at the least disingenuous for Goff to sit on it for 3 weeks. But, we don’t actually know what happened yet. Had Goff received confirmation that ‘a young girl was drugged and sexually abused by a member of the National Party, who used his party seniority and the victim’s youth and naivety to prey on that girl.’ I’m fairly certain he would have immediately thrown that MP under a bus and gone into damage control. I assume you used that example to illustrate that if it were a female my reaction would be different but the detail you add is speculation rather than fact.

    There is obviously a lot more to this story, some of which we will learn in time. We don’t know if Hughes drugged and assaulted an 18-year old, we don’t know when or if he told King or Goff the entirety of the circumstances. Perhaps he thought he could deal with it and only revealed the severity of the situation once the media frenzy began. We don’t know.

    At the least, Hughes’ judgment is poor and Goff’s handling of the situation is poor but I think it is too soon to claim it illustrates contempt towards the public or a betrayal of our ‘right’.


  15. I love the way Goff keeps trying to smear the “Beehive” implying the leak came from Key.

    If it did ,so what? This is called politics.It also says these Labour boys are happy to dish the shit but can’t take it. To quote their Glorious Leaderenne “diddums”.

    And another point on politics,any one heard the quote ,”Caesars’ wife must be beyond reproach” ? Same idea here. These tossers can be expected to act to a higher standard. And if they don’t like that ,well then get out of the house. Too bad.


  16. kowtow, Goff’s faux outrage is particularly hypocritical, given it was Goff who organised the honey-trap that brought down Richard Worth.

    Even if Key did leak the information, at least it wasn’t Key who put the strapping young fellow in Hughes’ path the way Goff did with Worth!


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