NSW Labour Defeated In “Biggest Landslide In Modern Australian Political History”

Arrogant, corrupt, complacent, cronyist. Everywhere the left are in power its the same old story. In sixteen years of ruling NSW they’ve ruined the place. As the left do wherever they gain control. The left’s legacy is always destruction, and after they’ve done with that outcome, someone else has to come in and try and fix the mess.

They ruined New Zealand. They ruined the UK. They’re busy ruining the US. The destruction is in most cases so bad, there’s little any incoming government can do to repair it. So even after the lying duplicitous propagandising left are eventually turfed out, things cannot be turned about and as in NZ, the country keeps sliding into the fatal morass of socialism. Let’s hope the Liberal National Party Coalition can save NSW. I’ll be surprised if they can. The Australian reports-

Barry O’Farrell has become the 42nd premier of NSW in the biggest landslide seen in modern Australian political history. Kristina Keneally stepped down as leader after conceding defeat to the Coalition in an electoral rout which ends 16 years of Labor government and may leave the ALP with just 20 seats, down from 50. With a 17 per cent swing and a surge in its primary vote even beyond its expectations, the Coalition is set to win about 70 lower house seats, Labor 20 and independents the remaining three.

That sort of majority will carry the Coalition, which has governed in NSW for only seven of the past 35 years, through to the 2019 election at least.

The Nationals had a highly successful night, and are expected to pick up five seats for a total of 18. Nationals beat sitting independents in three seats – Dubbo, Port Macquarie and Tamworth – and were likely to take Monaro from Labor’s Steve Whan and, in an extraordinary result, Bathurst, with a swing of 37 per cent.

And in even better news-

Apart from Labor, the big losers are the Greens, who look unlikely to win either Balmain or Marrickville, the two inner-western Sydney seats they were tipped to secure.


A message too for the dirty little independents who backed Gillard. They’re gone next federal election. Goodbye Oakeshott and Windsor you sniveling treacherous little narcissistic scumbags.

4 thoughts on “NSW Labour Defeated In “Biggest Landslide In Modern Australian Political History”

  1. I’m convinced that this isn’t so much a vote for the Coalition as a massive rejection of Gillard, the Greens and all they stand for.


  2. I think you’re right KG, and I think there will be as much hostility shown to the coalition if in a year or two, they don’t measure up.


  3. Let’s hope so KG. At this stage (publicly at least) Feral* Labor are in denial about what this result means. They’re mumbling the same platitudes as Labour did in New Zealand ‘time for a change’, ‘lost touch’, etc. etc. If Labour and, more particularly the ‘independents’ don’t get a real message from this result, they’re even more blinded than I thought.

    *Yes, feral. What else would you call a government that has a communist Welsh woodpecker at the top, has a pack of bumbling fools and unionists (apologies for the tautology) and gets into bed with the watermelons and those fucking idiots Oakeshott & Windsor?


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