A “Sour Puss” Lashes Out

Really, I must be missing something for apart from one or two smiles, I didn’t get the humour in the John Key video currently doing the rounds. It certainly didn’t send me into fits of laughter. I found most of it to be rambling and lacking wit. But then again, I’m quite willing to agree that humour is a personal thing. I concede it could quite well have sent other people into paroxysms of laughter. It just didn’t do it for me.

Although it certainly promotes John Key, I couldn’t see how it promoted Napier, and neither did I see it as becoming to the office of PM for him to be doing tourism skits. (if that is indeed what they claim it is) I didn’t like Helen Klark doing it and I don’t like John Key doing it. Wouldn’t be so bad if I could see action where it was needed. This just seems to be more of the smile and wave stuff that makes Key a rock star in public but does little to help our country out of the most dire financial position it has been in for some time.

The chattering classes on NZ’s premiere right wing blog are obviously hugely impressed. I’m not. I think this video just reinforces the impression others a bit more politically minded have, in that Key is a lightweight enjoying the culmination of a schoolboy ambition and the adoration of his subjects, but doing nothing that so urgently needs to be done.

Key should be making the hard decisions, doing the unpopular things that our situation demands, and then be out there with sweat on his brow and fear in his gut, selling his ideas.

This video really is just another pointer to the fact the John Key doesn’t have an idea to sell. At the end, I wondered if our lot would have been improved if John Key had got out of the car and gone to Australia, and the clueless Shaun Wayne had carried on as PM. Couldn’t have been much worse.

Mr. Farrar says “I am sure some sour pusses will say he should not be doing such things.” I guess that’s me alright. If you think I’m being too harsh, don’t hold back in your comments.

14 thoughts on “A “Sour Puss” Lashes Out

  1. Red I’ve been thinking about sending Quisling Key a card, approximately the same size and shape as Peters’ ‘NO’. It would bear one single word:


    Because then, at least he could claim to have it. What a fucking lightweight buffoon we have in the role of Prime Minister.


  2. Venture Hawkes Bay fleeced $2m off ratepayers last year to promote tourism and lost $.5m. There has been no indepth questioning of this loss by the left media and the CEO of the RC suggested they just throw in another $250,000 to help balance the books.

    I don’t think this video is going to help either so I am a sour puss too.


  3. His effort a couple of months back . . mincing around on the catwalk . . was more cringe-worthy. Where was the connection with Napier ? I never got it. I just don’t reckon he’s in politics for any sound reason, and I’d wager he’ll step aside at the first serious sign of possible electoral defeat (2014 perhaps) – having achieved very little.


  4. “Too harsh”? The bastard should be flogged through the streets until the message sinks home:
    Stop playing at being PM–NZ is in deep, deep shit and a leader is needed.


  5. Come on you guys get with the program, do you not read the volumes of political magazines now on the stands, New Idea, Woman’s Day and that bastion of the NZ political scene, Woman’s Weekly. Great pictures and simple and easy to understand political commentary. Like it or not if you want to succeed in politics you must sale your soul to the great unwashed. No point holding the high moral ground or arguing complicated policy if only 5% of the population gives a rats arse. Shonkey may not be setting your hearts fluttering with his governance but he sure looks good on the glossy pages, and at the end of the day that is all that matters to most of the numb skulls in this country.


  6. “The chattering classes on NZ’s premiere right wing blog are obviously hugely impressed.”

    Don’t you mean “National Party Propaganda Central”, Red?
    Social Liberals always have weird senses of humour. They probably think it’s funny that Key is leading NZ down the road to financial ruin as well.


  7. I really don’t care, one way or the other. My opinion of John Key hasn’t changed recently. It hit a low when he talked about what women that were not his wife that he found “hot”, and when he acted like an 8yo when asked if he would change his hair if his wife asked him to. The mincing catwalk just made me wonder if there is something John isn’t telling us about himself. This video just looks like a distraction.


  8. Before he lost the 1975 General Election Bill Rowling did a skit with Fred Dagg. It was Bill’s finest hour until a few weeks later his wife (Glenn) eclipsed him when she sang on a Variety Show!
    I find it harmless, unlike most of the things MPs get up to!

    PS:I think Muldoon joined the cast of the aptly named Rocky Horror Picture Show after he’d left Parliament.
    PPS: Lucia Maria, the only woman who Dazza Hughes ever found “hot” is the She-Beast.


  9. “PPS: Lucia Maria, the only woman who Dazza Hughes ever found “hot” is the She-Beast.”

    I guess if she was lying naked on her stomach she would look like a bloke from above …

    Now there’s an image that needs some serious photoshop work!


  10. If Key put the same effort into doing what was good for New Zealand as he did to completing his bucket list New Zealand might be in a good position in a few years. He would have to risk a possible knighthood for that. The only piece of legislation he rolled back related to knighthoods. Am I the only one who thinks he had himself in mind when he did that?


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  12. Gotta look on the bright side though guys. As cringe-worthy as the cat-walk stunt was, at least New Zealand’s Prime Minister was only *pretending* be a mincing poof. Unlike PM Bob Brown of Australia 🙂


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