General Debate 28/03/11

Against the advice of his attorneys, convicted murderer Isaiah Doyle took the stand in the penalty phase of his trial in Jefferson Parish this morning and promptly told the jury he was guilty of first-degree murder, had no remorse, and wished he could kill the jury. Doyle took the stand around 11:30 a.m.

Doyle, of Harvey, was convicted Thursday of murdering a store clerk during a robbery in Marrero in 2005. The same jury that convicted him of first-degree murder will decide if he should be executed for the crime. Doyle told the jury that he shot store clerk Hwa Lee four times only because the gun jammed and prevented him shooting her more.

“The only reason she was shot four times is because the gun jammed,” he said. “Otherwise I would have emptied the gun in her f— head.” Later, he told the jury that he would kill them all if he had an AK-47 and pointed to one juror and said he wanted to cut off his head.

10 thoughts on “General Debate 28/03/11

  1. What a pity Isaiah wasn’t born in China. Bullet to the brain, that’s obviously fucked, then knife to liberate some of his vital organs. Perhaps something good in the world could come from his useless carcass, with organs going to some worthy recipients.


  2. And the issue of race will not be raised as the murderer is black.

    These people hate Asians as they show them up. Hard working immigrants who want a better life for their children through education and the unrivalled opportunities that the USA offers all it’s citizens,black ,white or indifferent. As long as they get off their asses, make an effort and do some honest work.

    But oh no. I’m oppressed,I’m a victim,I didn’t get no opportunities,.An dats true cos everyone tells me so.Celebrities,university types,church leaders,Democrats the New York Times blah blah blah


  3. Bez, I don’t know if you have listened to the tape on the Philadelphia cops arrest of the open carry guy, but its really sickening. Who guards the guards?


  4. This is the animosity that the deprivation of the system is producing.

    I’m quite stunned now by the animosity I face on a daily occurrence. People are becoming highly strung, impatient and intolerant. Many poster on this blog betray this quite harrowingly. They do say black men are lazy. Black people say that themselves. and this guy was probably trouble from day one. he deserves to be executed no doubt.
    I myself believe in capital punishment. But on the basis of eye witnesses where there is absolutely no doubt. Otherwise incarceration where the court has only convicted on heresay because evidential testimony is not much more. Modern technology can speak far louder now as well.


  5. I wonder if anyone on this blog have been following the story (and the MSM articles on it) about the man who has been shot by police:

    All I can say is that it is no wonder our police force are such eunuchs if they (and the police hierarchy) buy into the MSM bullshit.

    Stuff is reporting that “Killed teenager was a good boy” and the Herald is reporting that he is an “earthquake refugee”, while hidden down the Stuff article is that this “good boy” fired a shotgun at police on multiple occassions.

    Give me fucking strength. The only tragedy here is the grief that this violent criminal has left his family to deal with.

    Then you read further and you see:

    ” Several investigations have begun, including one by the Independent Police Conduct Authority, and a homicide investigation.

    The homicide investigation would look into all aspects of any shots that were fired by the offender and police, Hoyle said ”

    FFS. Bury the idiot and move on.


  6. I love how this 19 year old is a “teenager”,cos he’s been shot by a cop doing his job(on the face of it ,he got what was coming to him).

    But an 18 year old running out of a senior Labour front benchers house ,naked ,is a “man”!

    My agenda radar is going nuts.


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