Bill Maher, A Foul Mouthed Palin Deranged Coward, Praised as “Fearless” By Left

Bill Maher has been abusing Sarah Palin pretty strongly over the last few weeks. I guess this makes him pretty brave in the eyes of the left. Calling a woman and a mother of five children a cunt takes special courage, especially from a great distance and out of sight of her husband or any other male protectors. Bill Maher is a gutless coward and a few of the Palin men should catch up with this disgusting example of human garbage and teach him some old fashioned lessons in manners.

These kind of insults are endemic on the left. There are so many of them who are just cowards and barbarians like Maher. Shown by the fact that they actually do think these cowardly attacks are examples of “fearlessness”-

A week after calling former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin a “dumb t***” vulgar insult for women, comedian Bill Maher went all the way and called Palin the c-word, adding, “There’s just no other word for her.”

The Dallas Voice (The Premier Media Source for LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transexual) Texas) reporting on Maher’s appearance Sunday night at the Winnspear Opera House Sunday night, cheered Maher using the crude sexist slur against the 2008 Republican party vice presidential nominee as an act of “fearlessness”:

Actually, I reckon Sarah could probably take the whining whinging little deranged coward Maher out all by herself. Sarah though has already stated it is her intention to ignore leftist scum like Maher. But her husband Todd needs to do it. Or someone like him. The disgusting Maher needs to be confronted by a man for his slurs of Mrs Palin, and lets see how “fearless” he is then.


6 thoughts on “Bill Maher, A Foul Mouthed Palin Deranged Coward, Praised as “Fearless” By Left

  1. One day a massive Alaskan fist is going to crash into the jaw of some jerk who has insulted this man Palin’s wife and daughters.
    The MSM will convulse with outrage.
    The rest of us will fall over ourselves to buy him a beer. Or two.

    Order will have been restored.


  2. Oh Maher, there isn’t one progressive doctrine he hasn’t fell for hook, line and sinker, yet he likes to berate the religous as unthinking…

    The concept of people holding differing views to himself results in child like behaviour, such as this name calling…


  3. The thing that gets to me is a general lack of civility on behalf of the left especially. What is it exactly that Sarah Palin has done to be treated so poorly?

    And why is it so fashionable for comedians to swear all the time? Is it wildly funny to be potty mouth? Is it because they have no better material? Is it because Bill Maher has no better arguments? He just hates Sarah Palin and cannot think of a good reason so he just swears at her.

    As for those two in the T-shirts, they should be ashamed of themselves. That is just so rude.


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