Pauline Hanson Leading Watermelons In NSW Seat

Correct me if I’m wrong here folks, but isn’t Pauline Hanson one of the most wrong headed and hated woman in Australian politics? So, if the Greens get less votes than Pauline, what does that say about public acceptance of the Watermelons? The Telegraph reports-

PAULINE Hanson was in line for a shock win in the NSW Upper House last night. After being written off after early counting on Saturday, the former One Nation Party leader crept ahead of a Greens candidate yesterday.

The first votes counted in the Upper House were from Sydney and metropolitan areas but Ms Hanson has performed better in votes that were counted yesterday in rural NSW. Ms Hanson, who has moved to a coastal town north of Newcastle, was last night ahead of third Greens candidate Jeremy Buckingham.

She reached a quota in the counting of 0.41, slightly ahead of Mr Buckingham’s 0.398. Labor’s sixth candidate, Andrew Ferguson last night slipped behind them both to 0.34. The Greens were a slim hope of winning the final spot last night if they benefit from any Labor preferences.

2 thoughts on “Pauline Hanson Leading Watermelons In NSW Seat

  1. “….after being written off early in the polls…..”

    Not just in the polls . Australian media had been trying to write her off even before the election. I say let the people speak.

    Note the language of the article, ‘shock’. It’s only a shock to the city dwelling “liberals”.
    Good ole country folk vote for traditional values. Same in NZ. They do vote National,pity the party let them down.

    In the same vein, Marine Lepen has done well in French regional elections. Perhaps Europe is waking up. Watch the media storm against the French nationalists.And the established political elites will circle the wagons.


  2. surprise is the word 🙂 if she won, we would get the next round of shock: major embarrasement hand delivered to those voted for her …lol …she tends to attract this type of voters


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