Apologies- Marooned In a No Coverage Area.

Just a quick apology to my regular readers. I do a lot of my blogging while traveling and had no idea that this trip would be any different, but this time I ended up far from even the slightest hint of a signal for almost two days. Regular service will return tomorrow.

Categories: Culture

7 replies

  1. Oh, that’s what was missing! I tend to low blood pressure, and in your absence I’ve been dozing. I thought I was sick ill. Thanks for alerting me.


  2. Stay off the air, scummyball Palinista


  3. I’ll leave that up as a typical example of the hundreds of similar comments I usually have to delete from this site from this ignorant communist POS (a Kiwiblog regular) and others like him.


  4. As I reread comment #1 this morning, I recognized that a large portion of the English speaking world might misunderstand “sick” from how it’s normally used in America. The words ill and sick are interchangeable mostly (only?) in America, requiring Americans to say “sick to my stomach” when that is the case.

    In my experience ill is more commonly reserved for conveying the sense “the opposite of good,” as in “ill will.” Who knows why?

    Please change “sick” to “ill.”


  5. Hey Red, at least you now know the trolls read TrueBlue. Maybe one of them might actually learn something.


  6. Enjoy your trip (holiday?) Red. Cheers.


  7. Same old same old eriketer, I do like the country though. Nice down to earth people and in touch with reality. Unlike the urban liberals, most of whom are PC to the point of madness.


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