Daniel Mares- Self Appointed Spokesman For NZ and Hypocritical Watermelon Fraud

The NZ Herald reported on Monday

Anti-mining sentiment is running high in the Eastern Bay of Plenty where a five-vessel flotilla has been protesting against oil exploration in the area. More than 600 people turned out at Whangaparoa Bay, 78km north of Opotiki, on Saturday to greet the protesters, who had been at sea since leaving Auckland on Monday.

They came ashore to a haka performed by about 100 people from Te Whanau a Apanui tribe, which is leading opposition to exploration in the Raukumara Basin by Brazilian company Petrobras. Daniel Mares, skipper of the veteran protest vessel Vega, said it was an honour to stand with Apanui on their own land.

The Government has misguided this call and the people of New Zealand do not want or support deep-sea drilling in our waters,” he said.

It made me wonder just when “the people of NZ” had elected Daniel Mares as their spokesman. It also made me wonder just when every NZer had decided that they did not want deep sea drilling. As far as I know, neither event has ever taken place, and Daniel Mares is misleading people by making these completely untrue claims. Does truth ever feature in any Watermelon “protest”.

The protestors are no doubt socialists and communists and the usual losers that flock to Watermelon events, and I reckon I probably would have exchanged words with some of them on some forum somewhere. Probably when they were singing the phrases of socialism, and holding up Norway as an example of how well socialism would work if it was done properly.

In fact Norway’s socialist state has only been sustained over the last 35 years by about 20 billion barrels of oil extracted from North sea oilfields. When that oil is gone, it will be the end of socialist Norway.

I wonder if there is a Norwegian equivalent of Daniel Mares over there claiming that the people of Norway want an end to deep sea drilling. I doubt it, and if there is, his fellow socialists citizens would probably say he needs to be put in a padded room quickly. These propaganda spouting watermelon frauds are such a plague upon our society and its well being. Such despicable fakes. They deserve nothing but contempt.

5 thoughts on “Daniel Mares- Self Appointed Spokesman For NZ and Hypocritical Watermelon Fraud

  1. A “flotilla” of 5 ships? That would be the handful of sailing boats that were also paraded on pravda news I suppose. Looked like a solid representation of the NZ population indeed, sailing yacht owning lentil munchers. I’d guess any and all of kiwis falling in that category were actually there, spurred on by some useful idiots from the Maori fraction. (probably some of those who don’t have a finger in that oil pie somewhere)


  2. ” A “flotilla” of 5 ships? ”

    You’re on to it Bez. I would need to be a lot more gullible than what I am too, to believe there were 600 protesters there on shore.

    The mainstream media is just another propaganda mouthpiece for every loony tune environmental mystical story out there.

    What we are seeing with these so called journalists and their sick devotion to the lies and exaggerations of the watermelons is the result of about twenty years of indoctrination of school children with environmentalist garbage at the same time as their critical thinking skills were severely damaged by deliberate Critical Theory strategies in education.

    They are simian knuckle draggers who will unquestioningly write anything that their Marxist masters request them to, no matter how deceitful.


  3. I wonder the level of Koha that will be extorted from Petrobras to ameliorate the ‘cultural’ concerns of the local tribes.


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