Sharing Some Fine Writing on The 2012 US Election

This is a few paragraphs from an excellent article by John Hayward on Human Events. He manages to capture the the intensity of the struggle that will be the 2012 Presidential campaign. The left are the media. Barak Hussein Obama and his followers control them. They will lie cheat misrepresent and do all of those things with a hundred times the intensity they have done them in the past, to ensure their leader is “elected”. Whoever runs for the Republicans will have to be a man or a woman of steel.

Here’s the problem: no one will win a modern Presidential race unless they want the Oval Office like Gollum wants the One Ring. The 2012 race will be an incredible test of endurance and character. No matter how affable and inoffensive they might seem today, any candidate who runs against Barack Obama will be mercilessly savaged. The media will sit up nights preparing ambush interviews, and magnify the smallest gaffe into evidence of greed, stupidity, or psychosis. Every moment of the candidate’s history will be scrutinized, every element of their personal lives will be weaponized, and every member of their families will be a target.

In 2008, swarms of reporters went crawling through dumpsters in Alaska, while aliens who chose to make first contact by landing a saucer in Chicago would have found not a single reporter to cover the event. It’s going to be like that again in 2012, but even more so. The candidate will spend the first round of media appearances appealing a summary conviction of racism, hypocrisy, and slavish obedience to the Evil Rich.

No humble Cincinnatus is going to be able to weather that kind of storm, or generate the non-stop energy and flawless attention to detail required of today’s high-profile candidates. Even if public disgust with Obama is so powerful that a modest candidate could waltz into the Oval Office, they wouldn’t be able to fight the tough battles that lie ahead. The man or woman who answers America’s call in this desperate hour will be at war with the system itself. A terrible network of gears, covered with decades of rusted ideology, waits to devour them.

One thought on “Sharing Some Fine Writing on The 2012 US Election

  1. Great writing! And so damn true. Candidates need to refuse to engage the media on the media’s terms, to keep hammering away relentlessly at a few simple points. After all, it’s only the media which demands nuance” and only the media which demands candidates jump through carefully selected hoops.
    Most Americans simply want a job and a secure future for their kids, and they want to have pride in being American. A West, Palin or Trump could promise to work for just those.


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