General Debate 07/04/11

More rank separatism while the PC cowards in National and ACT sit on their hands.

Maori Provider Development Fraud Scheme opens

Applications for funding under the 2011/12 Maori Provider Development Scheme are now being invited. “Each year the Maori Provider Development Scheme invests in activities that build whanau capability, strengthen whanau connections, support the development of whanau leadership and enhance best outcomes for whanau.

“It also supports activities which aid the development of a highly skilled Maori health workforce and assists providers to improve their infrastructure, develop their workforce, achieve service integration and improve the quality of services.

“Maori providers play an important role in the health and disability sector, I strongly encourage them to find out more about the scheme and how it could assist them in delivering health and disability services to people in their communities,” says Associate Health Minister Tariana “Holocaust” Turia.

To be eligible for the development funding an organisation must:

be owned and governed by Maori, and providing health and disability services primarily but not exclusively to Maori, have a contract/s with the Ministry of Health and/or District Health Board (DHB) and/or Primary Health Organisation (PHO), and be in the process of developing a contract with the Ministry of Health and/or District Health Board (DHB) and/or Primary Health Care Organisation (PHO).

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4 replies

  1. The Gantt Guy rolls his eyes and shakes his head, wondering how it is possible that Apartheid is so alive and well in the country he loves so dearly.


  2. On a different note, anybody who finds themselves in Melbourne over Easter may want to make time in their schedule to attend this cultural festival. Looks like some of the 21st century’s premier thinkers are speaking.

    If you do, don’t forget to bring your rapid-fire weaponry and plenty of spare ammo.


  3. “..don’t forget to bring your rapid-fire weaponry and plenty of spare ammo.”
    Sigh…in a perfect world….we can but dream.


  4. As I’m part Maori, do you think if I applied for government funding to build a two million dollar plastic canoe, to be completed by the start of the Rugby World Cup, I’d have to wait long before funding became available?

    Kia ora, John – the application’s on the way.


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