NZPA To Be Wound Up- More Dinosaur Media Commies Out of Work

If there has ever been a more disgustingly biased news organisation in this country than the NZPA then this writer would be amazed to hear of it. This group has lead the decline in the craft of journalism and also been at the forefront of changing the news business into an advocacy organisation whose main purpose has been not to bring the public objective information but to promote the ideology of Socialism/ Progressivism.

These are the losers who never asked one damn question regarding the global warming scam and who for years have denied dissenting voices a say in their publications. These are the disloyal charlatans who so enthusiastically did propaganda for Al Qaida during the Iraq war. Who attacked Bush mercilessly while they kissed Obama’s arse like cringing dogs. Who sorted through Sarah Palin’s garbage but won’t do a damn skerrick of work investigating so much of what is unknown about Barak Obama’s background. The Herald reports-

National news agency the New Zealand Press Association is to be wound up after 132 years of work, the Herald understands. Staff were called to a meeting late this afternoon where it was announced the organisation is under review. NZPA employs about 40 journalists and provides up to 1000 news items to New Zealand’s news outlets each day.

Thankfully we’ll no longer have to tolerate the infiltration into our news cycle of this rank propaganda from a collection of Marxist losers.

The Engineering, Printing and Manufacturing Union (EPMU), the union that represents journalists, said it was a huge loss for journalism. “A national news agency is an essential part of a healthy democracy,” said national industrial officer Paul Tolich. “Every nation needs a news gathering and dissemination organisation that can provide news feeds 24 hour a day, seven day a week, to all news media outlets, regardless of their ownership. “The dedicated staff at NZPA has done this for decades, some of them investing their working life in the agency.” The EPMU and the company have agreed to consult on arrangements prior to the closure.

The EPMU is a communist organisation and an extreme leftist like Mr. Tolich has a damn cheek pretending to be concerned about democracy. Democracy demands a free and frank exchange of opposing views, not a sick mindless group think inspired by an enforced uniform adherence to one political ideology. Journalists today are primarily a force for the destruction of democracy and the encouragement of Marxist cultural totalitarianism.

I’ll drink an extra glass of wine with my dinner today to celebrate the demise of a barbaric and politically partisan organisation and to give thanks for one small advance in the struggle to allow free and open discussion on alternatives to the suffocating socialist political paradigm that now engulfs us.

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  1. A small glimer of hope. NZ are not paying for the rubbish our MSM is producing and they are slowly going broke. Next step, remove the government funding.


  2. In our modern day and age there is no need whatsoever to use collective (tax) funds to provide information and news. People are more than capable to purchase what they require, or access it for free via the internet, radio and television, local newspapers etc.
    That’s an argument on rational economic grounds which can stand on itself, quite apart from the otherwise correct point you make about abuse and propaganda.
    People who wish to send out politically motivated messages can do so on their own dime, blogs are free and for a few hundred dollars one can even purchase air time on television (see Perigo). If all these “journalists” at NZPA are convinced they have something of value to contribute, they can do the same as the local butcher, baker and plumber, open up shop and sell their product on the free market.


  3. Bez says:

    In our modern day and age there is no need whatsoever to use collective (tax) funds to provide information and news.

    And that is relevant to a discussion of the demise of a news gathering agency that is, and has always been, entirely privately owned (by the various newspaper publishing companies, also privately owned) throughout its century-and a-third-lifetime, how exactly?

    Red, can’t agree with you at all. I’ve been a “consumer” of NZPA both as a reader and as a newspaper editor. Here’s just some reasons to value NZPA:

    1. They work harder than any other news organisation. When I was prowling the corridors of power in the small hours, the one light burning in the Gallery was sure to be NZPA. When a Select Committee was droning… and droning… on a subject that was nonetheless important, the one journo who had’t left to pursue a photo op would be the one from the NZPA…

    2. Name an NZPA journo. Most people probably can’t, because unlike almost every other “journalist” they realise the news isn’t about them, it’s about the topic. With due respect to them, I can’t think of anyone I’ve known who’s worked for NZPA who’d end up fronting TVNZ or TV3 news – not pretty enough, as Kasey Chambers sang. But they know their trade better than the Kens and Barbies ever will.

    3. They’re the only truly national news gathering service, because they had (till fairfax spat the dummy in 2006) the right to take a story written by a local newspaper journo in the back of beyond and distribute it to newspapers all over the country. Other media claim to be national but, at best, might have an office in the larger provincial cities.

    I think perhaps you’re over-reacting to the involvement of the EPMU. Sure, “with friends like these…”, but the EPMU is the union representing journalists (though not all journalist, by any means, are members of the union – I never was). It’s understandable they’d lament the loss of members’ jobs.

    But that doesn’t mean those jobs weren’t being done professionally and weren’t contributing to the sum of knowledge. I’d argue they were – while not perfect – better than most “news” organisations in NZ and, as such, NZPA represents a real loss.


  4. Boo bloody hoo and good riddance!
    What a great day for the advancement of truth and hopefully a move towards greater transparency and honesty.
    NZPA – you will not be missed and your funeral will be an extremely small and quiet affair.


  5. Rex, thanks for your contribution.

    1. They might work hard. So what? When have they ever “worked hard” to bring us the truth on Sarah Palin or Barak Obama or so many other subjects wherein I ‘ve frequently been utterly outraged at the leftist bias of their reporting. Working hard is one thing, doing the job right is another. Lamely repeating New York Times or Washington Post far left smears and rating it as objective reporting, as they have done for decades, is unforgivable.

    2. Name them? It doesn’t matter who they are. Suffice to say I have had the odd exchanges with them. I think some of them responded to my post on Pike River on Crusader Rabbit, outraged because they mistakenly thought I was accusing them of being right wing.

    3. I disagree with you on all of the rest. Journalism as a craft has been destroyed by the left, who destroy anything they take control of. Our public education system. Our media. Our universities. Our bureaucracy. Our government. All became dysfunctional under the control of the left. Journalism is just another casualty of cultural Marxism.


  6. Check the insufferable smugness and arrogance on display here.

    I think Mr Brown is just puked that his job at TVNZ7 is probably a goneburger and that the wife of one of his luvvies (Danyl McLauchlan) lost her job at NZPA.


  7. So, this is the start of the demise of leftists media outlets. NZ Herald & New York Times next?


  8. When have they ever “worked hard” to bring us the truth on Sarah Palin or Barak Obama or so many other subjects

    Red, it’s never been the job of NZPA to do those things. NZPA was jointly-owned by the newspaper proprietors of NZ. It was initially formed so that if, say, I owned a newspaper in Timaru I could put all my local news into the NZPA pot, and take out news from your newspaper in New Plymouth, and anyone else’s around the country.

    It added a Parliamentary bureau as a cost-effective way to provide those same provincial newspapers with reporting on that institution, and that’s still what that does (the metro dailies wouldn’t be seen dead running analysis from a PA writer, they have their own “stars” to promote).

    Do you read Peter Wilson’s stuff, for instance? If you do, would you prefer that the provincial papers now run, say, stuff straight from the Herald?

    I share your concern about the decline of journalism – and partly agree with your attribution of its cause as “cultural Marxism”, not so much in the media institutions themselves (most of them are capitalist enterprises after all) but in the education system wherein budding journalists are taught.

    That’s very evident, for instance, in the tendency of fresh faced journos seeking work to merely report what someone in authority says rather than fact checking it and calling them on their lies. Then when they become “senior” journos they switch from unquestioning repeater to uninformed commentator!

    It (the decline of journalism) is also, however, attributable to a lot of other causes, including the refusal of most media owners to pay senior people what they’re worth, especially in electronic media. Instead of a phalanx of experienced editors making sure that what we hear is true, you get a newsroom full of credulous bunnies being paid next to nothing, so as to fund the salary of the airheaded Ken and Barbie who read the tripe off the autocue.


  9. The NYT has been broke for a while. Barak will probably give it some money. The Washington Post is ripping off students on their fees to underpin its propaganda. The Herald is probably on thin ice. The Real Estate market collapses and we’ll see the end of that stinking far left rag.


  10. Rex, it doesn’t matter whether it is Peter Wilson (who I have had many an exchange with) or Paul Krugman. It doesn’t matter if its Saran Palin or Don Brash. Its the generic state of journalism across the western world. The publication of objective news in the mainstream media is a rare and vanishing event. Its the perversion of the state of journalism that gave rise to the blogosphere. They cut their own throat.

    Katie Couric is out because she killed off her audience with left wing crap. Air America died for the same reason. We are sick of being told how to think and what to say by a self appointed elite who are out of touch politically and socially with the man in the street.

    Look at the worthless crap over at Hard News today. You can only call so many people crazy for so long and then the allegation starts to wear thin. The left do not know what is going on, and stuck in their little group think enclaves like Hard News, they do not even know how they’re losing.

    I saw an advertisment yesterday for writers who can write from a right wing perspective. At long last, and probably too late, the mainstream media is waking up to the fact that is is their devotion to left wing ideology that has killed them off.

    One thing I will agree with you on is that it is our schools and universities that are behind the production of the limp little fascist eco-loons and UN one worlders who characterize later entries into the trade. One of my friend’s kids was just told that if he did not alter the opinions he expressed in his story on the effects of western charity in Africa he would be failed.


  11. I saw an advertisment yesterday for writers who can write from a right wing perspective.

    That’s interesting. From whom? I’ve long advocated that NZ media simply drop this stupid pretence to objectivity ever since the then editor of the Waikato Times imposed a virtual blackout on anything I said during the campaign (till I said something that could be spun as being criticial of Winston), protested her and her paper’s “independence” and then, on election eve, put out their headline banners: “We say: Vote National”.

    In the UK, no one who picks up The Guardian thinks they’re getting a balanced view; likewise The Sun or virtually any other title. Just come clean, NZ media… we all know where your loyalties lie anyway.

    One of my friend’s kids was just told that if he did not alter the opinions he expressed in his story on the effects of western charity in Africa he would be failed.

    By no means the first time I’ve heard such a story. My partner had her most recent assignment handed back with a critique not of her writing or her research, but of her supposed ideological perspective! If she hadn’t passed anyway, I’d have advised her to lodge a complaint.


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