General Debate 08/04/11

America’s population of white children, a majority now, will be in the minority during this decade, sooner than previously expected, according to a new report.

The Census Bureau had originally forecast that 2023 would be the tipping point for the minority population under the age of 18. But rapid growth among Latinos, Asians and people of more than one race has pushed it earlier, to 2019, according to William Frey, the senior demographer at the Brookings Institution who wrote the report about the shift, which has far-reaching political and policy implications.

The single largest increase was among Hispanics, whose birthrates are far above those of non-Hispanic whites, largely because the white population is aging and proportionally has fewer women in their child-bearing years. The median age of whites is 41, compared with 27 for Hispanics, the report said.

As a result, America’s future will include a far more diverse young population, and a largely white older generation. The contrast raises important policy questions. Will the older generation pay for educating a younger generation that looks less like itself? And while the young population is a potential engine of growth for the economy, will it be a burden if it does not have access to adequate education?

The population of white children fell by 4.3 million, or about 10 percent, in the last decade, while the population of Hispanic and Asian children grew by 5.5 million, or about 38 percent, according to the report, which was based on 2010 Census numbers.


9 thoughts on “General Debate 08/04/11

  1. A few days back, I followed-up a blogpost on the UK Daily Telegraph which noted whites aged under 3 are already a minority.
    The impact of a Latino America on foreign relations could well be significant.
    Expect more attention to Mexico, central and South America.
    Europe will be neglected and so will we Down Under.


  2. My children aren’t perfectly “white”, so the inference in these sorts of reports I find more a little reprehensible. As long as the new generations are being raised in a culturally similar way, then this issue of race is a non-issue.


  3. That’s a demographic shift that is likely to favour the Democrats. I think Asian-Americans tend to be swing voters (as a whole), but Hispanics are a pretty solid Democratic bloc overall. The Republican Party may benefit in the long term by trying to align itself more closely with the Catholic Church.


  4. Catholic Church and hispanics will be hand in hand. Already are on illiegal immigration. Expect policy from central govt on that crime to be even weaker in future.

    When did the American public ever get to vote on such momentuous changes to their society?

    Same in Europe and down under.

    Most people are against mass immigration but govts won’t touch it,in the meantime the tide continues and before you know it your country ain’t what it used to be and the citizens of our once great democracies have had absolutely no say in it. Doesn’t sound very democratic to me.


  5. “As long as the new generations are being raised in a culturally similar way, then this issue of race is a non-issue.”
    Quite so, Lucia Maria. The problem, of course is that people are being encouraged to identify along racial lines and “culturally similar” isn’t acceptable at all to the multiculti zealots.


  6. Come on, Lucia, you’re not that naive, surely?
    Especially when we here in NZ have numerous individuals who are only 1/8th Maori (or less), 7/8th white and yet identify as Maori and are registered on the Maori roll.

    Most kids aren’t home schooled like yours, and are, therefore, indoctrinated with Leftist multicultural BS within our so called ‘education’ system.


  7. Kris,

    I’m not sure what your point is. Is it to do with the separatism encouraged in NZ by race?

    Actually, it’s more than that. There seems to be this push to reinvigorate the ancient barbaric customs of this country. I’ve noticed it especially now that my oldest son has gone to highschool (after homeschooling for many years) and the push to involve him in a number of spiritualist and barbaric activities. The one I’ve had to say no to just recently, is a sleep over on the school marae with his entire class, including girls. While it may be adequately supervised, it’s still the normalisation of sleeping in the same space as girls that are not his family or his future wife that I object to. Not to mention this almost spiritual claiming of the children by the marae by making them sleep in it. Though that could just be my imagination working overtime …


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