Trump Sends Investigators To Hawaii To Seek The Truth On Obama’s Eligibility

Jack Cahill wrote the book “Deconstructing Obama” and in it, he made this interesting prediction-

“The first Republican candidate to educate himself on this issue, and to turn the tables on his tormentors, will likely be the next president of the United States.”

The issue was Obama’s constitutional eligibility of course and Cahill’s prediction was prompted by his observing the weak shivering fear of most of the Republican presidential field when it came to mentioning the issue.

Donald Trump has not been cowed by the mainstream media’s desperate attempts to curtail discussion on the subject. He has not been bluffed by the obvious lie that Obama’s eligibility was a non issue. He has not been deterred by their sniggers and their smirks and their eye rolling and their arrogant condescending remarks. Like myself, Trump holds these disgusting partisan charlatans in utter contempt, and once you get to that stage they can’t hurt you. Trump is bullet proof.

Trump has faced down his sneering interviewers on every extreme left current affairs show in America and each time he has done so he has won more support and brought the truth about Obama’s deceit into the open and to the notice of more and more Americans. Obama must be as worried as hell.

Anyone who has read this blog knows I am no fan of Donald Trump. Any regular reader would know I dislike Trump for his political instability and his failure to understand basic ideological positions. He calls himself a Conservative, but he isn’t. Like the slavering gape jawed socialist idiots that flock to Kiwiblog and Public Address, he doesn’t know what it means.

Trump has one thing going for him though and its a powerful consideration. He refuses to let the mainstream media set the agenda. He has more fight in him in that respect than the rest of the Republican field put together.

So for that he gets my support and my grudging respect. I don’t want him to be President, but when I see his outstanding ability to beard the liberal media in their den, he could almost change my mind. If he opens the argument up, he will have succeeded in taking away the stick the left have been using to beat Republicans over the last few months. Alan West, Michelle Bachman and Sarah Palin, whom I thought would do so much better, have all weakly yielded to the left’s intimidatory tactics.

So on the one hand I’m thinking good, Trump has smashed down the left’s Berlin wall, now the candidates I like can follow through. Then I think, but hang on, Trump was the one with the courage and ability to face down the left on this issue, shouldn’t he be rewarded for his bravery and the shrewdness of his strategy when all the others were too timid to do what should have been done?

Trump has sent investigators to Hawaii now to seek the truth on Obama. Why didn’t anyone else do this? Maybe, after all, Trump should be President, but if so, its only because of the abject failure of all of the other Republican candidates to measure up. Pretty hopeless really. They all should have done so much better, and after I see how simply and effectively Trump has countered the left, I find it hard to forgive them for their fear and inaction and their weak capitulation to the arrogant bullying of the contemptible left wing media.

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  1. I think you need to go a little easier on the individual GOP members for not having the money nor the pull Trump has to take this on.

    But the party and its leadership and its last Prez candidate deciding in 2008 that such an investigation would be a waste of campaign funds — it’s very hard not to see them, at the least, in step with the 3 monkeys sensing no evil; co-conspirators could hardly have been more helpful.


  2. It doesn’t really seem to be a matter of money or campaign funds at all. There already is that much investigation out there. It’s more a matter of having the spine to tackle the issue rather than avoiding it. In that regard all the “heroes of the right” have been woefully inadequate, as all they needed to do is give the simple response Trump is now providing: “what’s stopping the guy from simply providing this $15 document?”. It really is as basic as that, there is no need whatsoever to be scared by all of the PC intimidation that’s going on. The fact that these “heroes” are in fact intimidated into not daring to confront the issue proves that they lack the fortitude to deserve holding the most powerful position on this earth, just as RB is concluding.
    While there are many issues with Trump, he doesn’t avoid confrontation and he declares and stands on his principles, that alone makes him immeasurably superior to any of the wishy washy snake oil salesmen that normally appear as politicians (or “leaders” as they like to call themselves).
    If Trump keeps up this forthright practice he deserves a go at it.


  3. It is great to see Trump take the lead.
    This issue is the most significant of our times.
    Imagine for a moment if Obama is a fraud and he was not entitled to be POTUS.
    He has made such fundamental change, had major impact domestically and internationally despite his many failings.
    There would be riots, civil war, a political elite and media having no credibility?
    For some, the truth might be too much to bear.
    Either way, we must find out the truth.


  4. There seemed to be a time when things changed for Bachmann Palin and West. West especially seemed initially unafraid on the issue. And then it was as if some curtain had been dropped, and one after the other they came out with the same statement- “this is not an important issue and not one we should be pursuing Obama on”. It was as if they held a conference and decided that was what they would say. And I just cannot agree with that, because what issue is more important than that the President abides by the law. What issue is more important than that the US is governed by a legal President? I find it hard to forgive my three favoured candidates for their capitulation on this issue.


  5. RB, the last wealthy maverick who took on the parties and won the hearts of independents and conservatives was Ross Perot. Does anybody remember how strong he was in early July 1992? A few days after the polls showing him at 42% over Bush and Clinton, he pulled out for reasons that have always been sketchy. IIRC, he said he was afraid for his daughter (whose big wedding was coming up). IOW, his alleged courage vanished overnight. And then he came back (rumored told he could not back out now) into the race, guaranteeing Clinton’s win with a paltry 41% plurality when voes for all splinter candidates are included.

    If unseen powers could frighten the bold (brash?) Perot to pull out when he was on top, I fear for all our dissident hopes to thwart the globalists should The Donald be the next maverick to be made an offer he can’t refuse.

    Aside: I’m an older man than my age lately. My short-term memory has gotten so bad I’m quite worried. However, I believe my long term memory is still excellent. I did not verify for accuracy my recall of the Perot flash and crash, so if my recall is correct, and that should not be hard to find out, I advise all to remember that should Trump really jump into the race. It is important for morale reasons to remember that the hidden oligarchs do not take lightly outsider challenges to their scheming.

    For those who refuse to believe — and I know there are many of you — that there ever could be powerful hidden forces that choose not to show themselves, don’t argue that with me. Argue with Plato.

    The Sophist teachers he exposed may have been disreputable, but their deceitful ways have always worked where the accumulating of power (until they overstepped) was concerned. Their best students remain in the shadows. George Soros is indeed a bad man based on all his rotten Left and Statist influences. But we know of him. Think of how bad must be all those whom we do not know.

    I reiterate that the best chance for the world has got to come from lesser individuals — someone who we do not yet know. As things are about to get really bad, ultimately decent individuals from the grassroots will acknowledged from powerful men — maybe like Trump — and not come from those higher up men themselves. There is simply too much dirt at the upper eschelons. The system that got them there is simply that rotten — and on the verge of collapse.

    Sigh. I guess once the collapse comes, this will make more sense. Oh well. I guess I’ll go and try to find where I misplaced my car keys again.


  6. heh. My first reaction is:

    2 black guys. One a decorated war hero, the other a successful businessman
    1 black guy. An interloper from Kenya via Indonesia, who’s never had a real job in his life (except possibly that of rent-boy).

    I’ll stock up on popcorn.


  7. Just watched the video at that link Red. The Islam issue is clearly one Cain is passionate about, and good on him. Would that other politicians in the West had the same fire in their bellies.

    I don’t know the circumstances in which the interview was conducted, but the only complaint I might make about that video is that, having made his point he should have stopped talking. He got too far into it and started stumbling slightly over his words. Not ‘breathalyser/inhalator’ stumbling, but you know what I mean. I’d like to see him deliver a prepared speech on the topic; I suspect he would portray well.


  8. I’m not a fan of Trump either, but I do admire his stand on this, and also his stand about the Triumphal Mosque on the site of the 9/11 attack. Trump tried to buy the site off the developer for more than it was worth so that the mosque would be built somewhere else, but they’d have none of it. He spoke commonsense about the issue and on how disgraceful it was to be built there. I agree that I don’t think I’d like him to be POTUS though.


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