How About a Moratorium on Overseas Trips by Troughers?

Read about this disgusting rort. NewstalkZB reports-

Labour MPs Pete Hodgson and Su’a William Sio are off to Mexico and Panama next week. They will have meetings with Mexican politicians, before attending the 124th Inter-Parliamentary Assembly in Panama City. Speaker Lockwood Smith says the trip is a chance to strengthen trade and economic links, and share knowledge on parliamentary best practice.

What a damn joke. What possible good does it do for NZ taxpayers to have these damn communist troughers poncing about in Mexico. We’re borrowing the money to indulge in this stupid unnecessary extravagance and paying massive interest as well. While this country is in such dire economic straits there should be a moratorium on overseas trips like this. Just a blatant rort by a couple of disgusting troughers, and one that shows National or Labour, they are all in it together. Taxpayers don’t need this crap. Especially not now.

4 thoughts on “How About a Moratorium on Overseas Trips by Troughers?

  1. I disagree (in part) as it is money very well spent if they are given one-way tickets for seats at the rear of the plane. They can then become Clark ambassadors in some Central American dump.


  2. Fuck, I long for the day these parasitic worms are shown the door and are forced to beg from the cutters. I guess we shouldn’t really be surprised that the two MP’s mentioned are up to their necks in swill, they Know no other way of life, privilege and entitlement is their bread and butter. But the real blame for this farce should be laid directly at the present pack of sponges in power. Everyday I hear “we are living beyond our means”, I now assume that only means us dumb fucks that pay these pricks wages.


  3. As I have always staed, the Nat/Lab coalition must be stopped. Third party representation must be reinforced through MMP. If MMP were not a threat to the establishment the govt would not be trying a referendum on it in November. Binding at that.


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