Rock on Trevor (Loudon)- Communists Must Be Stopped

Trevor gets what most mainstream Americans do not. The destruction of their culture over the last five decades has been deliberate. So it is in the UK, Australia, Canada and New Zealand. The demoralisation strategies of the left have succeeded beyond their wildest dreams and most of the west now stands in dire danger of falling helplessly and completely into their hands.

They have systematically destroyed all of our public institutions. Our media. Our schools and universities. Our bureaucracies. Our government. Our social framework. Our moral order. All have been systematically rendered almost worthless by decades of the application of cultural Marxism and Critical Theory. Extreme left thinking patterns are nowadays the norm.

Our institutions have fallen, and eventually, the battle will move into the streets and that battle will lead to bloodshed and social collapse. There is only one possible event that will save the West from the same destructive outcomes that have befallen every other society conquered by the communists. Its the success of the American Tea Party.

New Zealander Trevor Loudon has written an article for the Worldview Times. He highlights a speech by US Communist Party leader Sam Webb, who says-

“The battle in Wisconsin electrified (for good reasons) the whole country. But the counteroffensive is not just Wisconsin – it is national in scope, diverse in form, creative in tactics, and united in action. This nationwide tapestry of struggle is multi-threaded, woven in varied patterns, loops and colors.

It is accompanied by a change in class mood, feeling and consciousness the likes of which we have not seen in recent decades. In the felt experience of tens of millions, capitalism isn’t working for working people, the American Dream is crumbling, something better is needed.

No struggle has the same possibility to rearrange the political balance of forces in a progressive direction as does the 2012 elections and its outcome. No other struggle has the same possibility to throw the working class and people’s counteroffensive onto an entirely new forward trajectory.

Labor may have fewer financial resources in 2012, but its army of activists will be far bigger and its ground game will be bolder. As we dig into today’s struggles, it’s not too early to be thinking about what has to be done to defeat right-wing extremism at the polls next year.

Trevor says this-

The Communists and their Democratic Party allies/minions certainly do see this as a war. If the left wins the 2012 elections, it is hard to ever see America recovering. The left will establish a complete monopoly on power and proceed to squeeze the last vestiges of life from the American economy and people.

If the Tea Party and patriotic forces can take both take over the GOP and win in 2012, America – and the West, has a fighting chance of survival. Those are the stakes. The communists understand that. So must we.

Trever Loudon is perfectly correct. We must defeat the left and their lying media forces. All over the west, but especially in America in the 2012 election. If we fail there, the only escape will come through bloodshed. Not immediately, but further down the track somewhat. It is always so when Communists rule.

8 thoughts on “Rock on Trevor (Loudon)- Communists Must Be Stopped

  1. Of course Trevor is right. I believe the left will fail in the end. They may have hijacked education, media, government etc but they have fail in every instance to prove communism works. History is littered with failed communism and their mad as hatters promoters. What people want more then any other thing is freedom and the left offers not one iota of freedom except for those in the “party”. This is the lefts achilles heel and they bloody know it. I still believe the vast proportion of the worlds free population knows the grief communism offers, those under its shackles have no doubt. Look at the turn around in the USA, people are not as stupid as these commie scumbags would hope, much to their dismay. I trust my fallow man to tick the right box, the left does not.


  2. Trevor is the silver bullet to the hate infested heart of of all commies , pinkos , anarchists and islamofacists , and he’s a proud and patriotic New Zealander.
    We should be proud of that fact.
    Mention his name in the presence of the clarkulla and it’s coven of socialist and marixism, it’s head will turn 360 degrees , bile and vomit would flow from it’s mouth.
    With people like Trevor leading the struggle for freedom in society we will win this.
    Keep up the good work Trevor!.


  3. Direct evidence that there is a marxist core rotting the American civililisation is abundant. That’s what marxists do. But, their political appeal is limited. Even the most liberal common American leftist would recoil from the label ‘communist’ and calling them that is a dis-service to marxism. Liberals laugh at the term when it’s applied to them. They don’t have Communist Manifesto studies and wave their party cards; they think the right is well out of touch and in their own minds they are true thinking patriots

    It is a mistake to ascribe any philosophy to these useful idiots. What they are is vacuous, self absorbed, selfish and envious. Anything that hints of an absolute moral compass is abhorrent to them, hence the attack on the Constitution, Judeo-Christian values transcribed into law etc etc. Democracy is just another name for mob rule. Unless the mob is firmly rooted in Judeo-Christian absolutes then it’s the wrong mob, and any nation under such lack of philosophy and checks is a ‘goner’. Sooner rather than later a despotic regime will emerge out of the abrogation of righteousness. We all know where that ends.

    Unless the US has a Christian change of heart [it won’t get a Judaic one, they don’t prosletize] the weighted mass will be mob rule by the unrighteous progressive camp and it’s evil and virile twisted brother, Islam.

    What promises have we had that the ancient civilisations didn’t? There’s only one and that is contained in the New Testament. Politically trying to change these people is impossible. Only a spiritual change of heart will do it. In the interim they are tools in the hands of the hard core, without a philosophy except self gain. They are deluded and deceived and a deceived man doesn’t know he’s deceived.
    Gracing their lack of thought with a political manifesto and attacking that is a diversion.


  4. Yep, the outcome of the 2012 U.S. elections will, I believe, determine which way Western civilisation goes next, at least in the short term.

    Ultimately, though, as a Christian I believe that we will inevitably end up with a global One World Socialist state, irresepctive of the outcome in 2012. It’s not a matter of “if”, but “when”.


  5. Well said, George (at 14:20) – and I agree entirely. I believe, and have often said here, that genuine democracy cannot survive unless it is founded upon Judeo-Christian principles, and the majority of the populace are either Christian or adhere to the same values and principles.

    The fact that we have thrown God out of our societies, and have replaced him with cultural Marxism, self-worship, moral relativism, and no knowledge/sense of absolute right or wrong, is responsible for the mess we find ourselves in. Socialism/Marxism is a recipe for complete disaster, no surprises there!


  6. “Only a spiritual change of heart will do it.”

    Yes, true, but amongst the spiritual barrenness we see today, as likely as a rose growing in the middle of the Sahara desert.

    (excellent comment George)


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