Arrest and Jail These Bolshevik Thugs- Greenpeace “Protestors” Stop Legitimate Oil Exploration

Petrobras has worked through the regulatory and environmental maze and been awarded a five year permit to explore and determine if any oil or gas prospects exist off the coast of east Cape. They have just started the first phase of a three and a half year research programme which currently involves 2D and 3D seismic surveying. They were stopped in this work after thugs posing as “protestors” invaded the workspace of the seismic vessels.

Acting Minister of Energy and Resources, Hekia Parata, has expressed her disappointment at the action of Greenpeace protestors who disrupted the research programme being undertaken by Petrobras off the East Cape today. [..] Ms Parata says it is disappointing that protestors are disrupting Petrobras’ research programme.

“Democracy protects the right to protest but not to the extent of interfering with others’ rights,’’ Ms Parata says. “Petrobras are within their rights to be conducting their research off the East Cape. [..] Ms Parata says Police are monitoring the situation. She urged protestors to take a calm and reasoned approach which respected the rights of Petrobras.

Weak as cat’s urine. These people are not protesting. They are organised Bolshevik thugs sabotaging legitimate exploration programs and deliberately putting NZ’s economic well being at risk. They are merely common criminals. They should be arrested, charged and jailed. The explorers have a right to go about their business, and the damn Police should get off their useless speeding ticket issuing fat arses and get out there and arrest those damn Bolshevik thugs.

Hekia Parata shouldn’t need to tell them to take that action either. However, it looks like she might have to. This slack tolerance of such blatant criminal behaviour has to stop.

8 thoughts on “Arrest and Jail These Bolshevik Thugs- Greenpeace “Protestors” Stop Legitimate Oil Exploration

  1. While I agree with the overall message of this post, it’s clear you don’t have a cat 8-).

    This is probably a coastguard or navy issue rather than police. Best solution is one warning, one offer to remove them from the area, and then a torpedo. It’s sickening that it is always acceptable that the left can flout the law to their heart’s content, while they are allowed to use the same law they so despise to frustrate the work of others, such as in environmental matters generally.


  2. I agree with both of the above posts. The issue I always have with Greenpeace and their assorted hangers-on is their posturing and self-righteousness. It is their self-righteousness which they employ to ignore others’ legal rights and pursuits. I recall a few years ago when the “Wild Greens” (whatever the fuck that adds up to) destroyed privately owned genetically engineered crops near Lincoln University in the alleged pursuit of protecting the planet and the rest of humanity. Who asked them to be such noble knights? They are rent-a-mob par-excellence and despicable.


  3. Stuff is running a poll: Are you happy to have oil & gas exploration in NZ waters?

    So far, 77% say ‘Yes’ and 23% say ‘No’. Tells you how popular these eco-terrorists are.

    It also gives some indication of where the electorate might have gone on mining the Conservation Estate had Quisling Key not pissed his pants like a scared little schoolgirl when these same eco-loonies went for a stroll holding hands with a couple of unemployed actresses down Queen Street.


  4. Seems this cuddle-a-terrorist illness is everywhere. A gaggle of eco-loonies yesterday broke into Treasury Place (where Victoristan’s Premier has his office) and chained themselves to a pillar. They demanded, inter alia, a meeting with the entire cabinet and that the gummint stop government plans to invest money in a proposed dual brown coal and gas demonstration plant. The full list of their 7 ‘demands’ was not released.

    Now here are the pieces from the story that really upset me:
    (1) one of the terrorists is a teacher at a state secondary school
    (2) the school has said it won’t take any disciplinary action against the terrorist
    (3) these numpties operated ‘under the close eye of about 40 policemen’ and not one had their head stoved in with a billy club
    (4) the Energy Minister actually MET WITH THEM!

    What are these outcomes except inducement to continue?


  5. If I was in charge of the refueling depot at the port where these beatniks operate from, I’d refuse to sell them any fuel.
    If these flat-Earth no-growth environmental Marxists hate the petroleum industry so much, they can get fucked if they want any diesel to run their protest flotilla. They can fuck off and run their ships on lentil juice or hash oil.


  6. The whole point is the direction the govt is taking with sells and giveaways. Does NZ get anything from this Brazillian oil company. Will more land be sold to Chinese interests?

    Why are Chinese warships allowed berthing in NZ waters?

    Where is all this going?

    The protestors doth protest too much about the wrong thing!


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