Liberal’s Sent Utterly Insane By Trump’s Allegations Concerning Obama’s Eligibility

(Hat Tip to reader Caleb for this story.) The liberal media is working hard to defend their Commander in Chief. As soon as Trump showed the effrontery to take the line the media had warned everybody else away from, he made himself Public Enemy Number One of Obama’s slavering media jackals. The New York Daily News has gone completely crazy, with a bizarre cover attacking Trump as a clown, and a story inside its pages by some no hoping faux journalist called Michael Daly that is nothing short of bizarre in the intensity of its attempts to ridicule and marginalize Trump.

The article is entitled “Donald Trump’s birther nonsense is a deplorable distraction from the issues – time to trash him” It goes on in a style that is practically infantile in the frenzy of its attempts to discredit Trump. Reflect upon this- this is the profession that brought you Watergate. This is the trade that investigated and eventually drove President Nixon from office. Observe what cowardly yellow partisan hyenas they have become. How derelict they have made the craft of journalism in their desperate addiction to the poisonous drug of Progressivism. Here’s the text-

Let’s just fire him. Let’s banish him from our thoughts and forget him. Let’s not even mention his name. I don’t even want to type it. Here we are in the midst of our longest war and ongoing financial calamity and this guy tries to get attention for himself with this birther nonsense about our President and commander in chief.

This birther-in-chief is not even a clown. Clowns know they are being absurd. In case you don’t know who I’m talking about, I’ll give you some hints. Most bizarre hairdo in New York. Most overinflated ego in New York. Ugliest buildings in New York. Tacky, tacky, tacky. Still don’t know? I’ll give you some more hints. Vulgar, vulgar, vulgar. Pout of a trout, preen of a peacock.

Casinos that lose money. Foreign banks bamboozled by the myth into giving him excessive loans. Millions of business wanna-bes bamboozled by the myth into believing he is some kind of role model. Billionaire who often seems to owe more than he owns. Germophobe known to open doors with his elbow. Truthophobe known to put his foot in his mouth.

Rented land in Westchester to Moammar Khadafy in 2009 so the dictator could pitch his Bedouin tent. When caught doing it, claimed via a spokesman the land was “leased on a short term basis to Middle Eastern partners, who may or may not have a relationship with Mr. Khadafy.” “We are looking into the matter …” and said he had “no idea” Khadafy was the tenant.

Seemed to completely forget that statement when he subsequently bragged on CNN, “With Khadafy… I got in one night more money than I would have gotten all year for this piece of land up in Westchester and then didn’t let him use it. That’s called being intelligent.” When CNN asked if he had retained the Khadafy money said, “Do I still have it? What does that mean?” Reported that he had given the money to charity. Then declared it had all been part of a brilliant plan. Told CNN, “In fact, I said, when I did it, I’m gonna take Khadafy’s money, I’m not gonna make it easy on him, and I’m going to give the money to charity.” Now says this is how foreign policy should be conducted. “I don’t want to use the word ‘screwed,’ but I screwed him. That’s what we should be doing.”

And this is a guy who is talking about running for President. Somehow, he ran second in a presidential poll of likely Republican voters in New Hampshire. Maybe the Republicans up there are as bamboozled as the foreign banks and the business wanna-bes. Only, with this birther nonsense, there is no longer any excuse for being fooled. He showed that to promote himself he is willing to play on the paranoid imaginings of folks whose real problem with Barack Obama has nothing to do with the place of his birth.

What they cannot stand is that Obama was born black and proved we really are a country where anybody can grow up to become President. They are obsessed with finding some way to cast Obama as an Other, ineligible to be President. “Hey, he can’t be President,” they say. “He’s bla… I mean foreign-born.” Anybody who seeks to capitalize on that deserves to be fired – and forgotten.

It amazes me that the left have the outrageous cheek themselves to refer to these ridiculous charlatans like Michael Daily as journalists. The above diatribe is merely an insane rant rendered by a deranged example of left wing vermin. Much the same as the vile rant directed at Andrew Bolt we observed the other day in the Brisbane Times written by another deranged leftist purporting to be a “journalist”. They are not journalists. They are Lieutenants and Captains and Majors and Generals in Obama’s left wing propaganda network.

There is one obvious point to be gained from this utterly deranged behaviour and that is falsity of the claim that Obama is refusing to provide proof of his eligibity as a strategy to distract the Republicans from the real issues. If this was so, such insane frothing hatred and attempts to intimidate as on display in the rant above, so clearly designed to convince Trump to back off on the issue, would not be taking place.

5 thoughts on “Liberal’s Sent Utterly Insane By Trump’s Allegations Concerning Obama’s Eligibility

  1. It about the same calibre of writing you’ll find in a badly written Standard post, the baseless accusations, the paranoia…

    We shouldn’t even be writing Daly name, and his editor should most definitely be firing him…


  2. Donald all politics is local and jobs is power.

    Mr. Trump is coming late to this matter, which speaks loudly. He has joined the Long Form BC snipe hunt setup by BHO, Clinton and his SMOM masters et al. to hide the elephant in the room – BHO has dual allegiance at birth to a natural father British subject on a student visa married to a minority aged US Citizen. Mr. Trump is a quick study but has a long way to go on this one.

    Mr. Trump will have to come to me here in Brooklyn where since 2008 I have a NYS Supreme Court case first with 29642-08 and now with 6500-2011 that is directly linked to a SCOTUS Petition for Writ of Prohibition with quo warranto inquest in lieu of recusal of various justices et al. as related to SCOTUS 10-1170 for writ of Certiorari; see bottom of web page

    Mr. Trump is on the low road about to be ambushed. I would have been a natural for Donald to compare his own birth in regards to his mother who in 1942 became a citizen making him NBC unlike BHO who had only one citizen at birth. Dual allegiance Donald cover your flank.

    Call me Donald 845-901-6767


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