General Debate 13/04/11

There Is No Male-Female Wage Gap

The (US) Department of Labor’s Time Use survey shows that full-time working women spend an average of 8.01 hours per day on the job, compared to 8.75 hours for full-time working men. One would expect that someone who works 9% more would also earn more. This one fact alone accounts for more than a third of the wage gap.

Choice of occupation also plays an important role in earnings. While feminists suggest that women are coerced into lower-paying job sectors, most women know that something else is often at work. Women gravitate toward jobs with fewer risks, more comfortable conditions, regular hours, more personal fulfillment and greater flexibility. Simply put, many women—not all, but enough to have a big impact on the statistics—are willing to trade higher pay for other desirable job characteristics.

Men, by contrast, often take on jobs that involve physical labor, outdoor work, overnight shifts and dangerous conditions (which is also why men suffer the overwhelming majority of injuries and deaths at the workplace). They put up with these unpleasant factors so that they can earn more.

Recent studies have shown that the wage gap shrinks—or even reverses—when relevant factors are taken into account and comparisons are made between men and women in similar circumstances. In a 2010 study of single, childless urban workers between the ages of 22 and 30, the research firm Reach Advisors found that women earned an average of 8% more than their male counterparts.

Source- Wall Street Journal

4 thoughts on “General Debate 13/04/11

  1. Shhh – don’t tell the cultural Marxists/feminists!

    And just on a personal note – regarding the 8.01 hours per day for women, and the 8.75 for men – I have often noticed that when extra output is required men will often put in the extra hours and just accept that as part of being on a salary, whereas women are more likely to “work to rule”: once they’ve fulfilled their 8 hour obligation they’re gone for the day.

    Have others also noticed this trend; that men seem to be more conscientious than their female counterparts? Or is it just me?


  2. @ Kris K – I have noticed this on some occasions when I’ve contracted to work “in-house”, but have also noted a distinction between those women with with/without home commitments such as young children (of course this comment only applies if I happened to know this). I suspect that “working from home” is a bigger rort than “working to rule”. However most of my co-workers (both male and female) are likely to be professionals (engineers) who tend to be pretty diligent anyway – some of them work ridiculous hours for no extra reward, part of the ethic I guess. What I don’t know is whether there’s pay equity between males and females in these worksites, as although the scale is the same the placement might be different. When I was in management (before seeing the light) I always endeavoured to pay on performance so that affected pay rates case-by-case. In my current situation, when working in-house I usually put in around 9 hours per day but charge for 8 – silly me, but I prefer to err on the giving side, not that the client knows having already gone home!


  3. Parliament is sitting under urgency to pass Section 92A – illegal file sharing – legislation.

    Yet another bit of legislation to control the population! Key & Co are outdoing Labour easily with their socialist style of government.

    …Als sie mich holten,
    gab es keinen mehr, der protestierte.

    – Martin Niemöller

    [When they came for me,
    there was no one left to speak out.]


  4. I’ll say mawm. Why the hell does this need to be done under urgency? Or at all? Is it so Simon FIGJAM Power can leave the Parliament under the same cloud as Tizard?


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