New Law Goes After Enabling Women- Not Too Soon

Simple Simon Power has managed to get something reasonably correct for once. The new law below is designed to catch enabling women, those swine who pick up or habitate with scum and allow them to sexually molest their children. Or beat them to the extent of serious injury or death.

The law creates a new offence of failure to protect a child or vulnerable adult from the risk of death, grievous bodily harm, or sexual assault as a consequence of the unlawful act by third party or failure of third party to perform a legal duty. Failure to take reasonable steps to protect a child or vulnerable adult, knowing they were at risk, would result in charges with a maximum penalty of 10 years’ imprisonment.

A parent or person over 18 may be found liable if he or she is:

1. A member of the same household as the victim.
2. Does not live in the same household but is so closely connected with it that they are regarded as a member of it.
3. A staff member of a hospital, institution, or residence where the victim lives.

Let’s hope we start seeing a few of these bitches behind bars where they belong. For a long long time.

3 thoughts on “New Law Goes After Enabling Women- Not Too Soon

  1. Good job and about bloody time!

    Half of these women see the DPB as a way of life, and spit out multiple kids to multiple fathers to maximise their take home ‘pay’. Of course they often never marry any of the various fathers, and end up setting up residence with a bloke with no biological link to ANY of the kids. It is usually these same blokes which abuse the kids. And while these scum have to take responsibility for their actions, I almost blame the woman/mother MORE for allowing an environment to exist where this sort of outcome is almost gauranteed to occur.

    Which raises the question: “Should women who view kids as little more than a mealticket, and have no intention of having a secure relationship with the birth father [preferably marriage], even be permitted to have children in the first place?”


  2. Just a question. Say for example CYFS was informed that a child was been abused and they fail to act would they face the same penalties?


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