Michele Bachmann: Social Conservatism Is Fiscal Conservatism

When a society supports strong families led by one man and one woman, it has benefits for the economy as well, Minnesota Congresswoman Michele Bachmann said Monday during a visit to the University of Iowa.

Marriage between a man and a woman is a foundation block for a strong America, but marriage has been under attack, Bachmann, a potential 2012 Republican presidential candidate, said. She also noted the financial implications of pregnancies to unwed mothers, through welfare and other government spending.

“Social conservatism is fiscal conservatism,” Bachmann said to loud cheers from the crowd of about 200. “You can’t separate” the two.

The Iowa Gazette

4 thoughts on “Michele Bachmann: Social Conservatism Is Fiscal Conservatism

  1. “Social conservatism is fiscal conservatism”

    Something the social liberals, Libertarians et al will NEVER get! A society based on moral relativism will never prosper; it will always gravitate to the lowest common denominator, and as a consequence will become fiscally bankrupt.

    Perhaps the antithesis of the above statement would be, “Moral bankruptcy always leads to fiscal bankruptcy”.


  2. ” Marriage between a Man and a Woman is the foundation block for a strong America”, make that any nation. Has Bachmann a death wish? . This will get progressive heads spinning so fast the exorcism priests will have to put in overtime. The destruction of the family is imperative to the left. Strong families is not what the doctor ordered if you want the masses to put their lives and their futures in state control. More power to Bachmann and those like her.


  3. strong families led by one man and one woman,

    Works for me………. and all those around me. No divorces, no tear-away kids. Lots of high achievers, lots of successful businesses or professions. Also lots of tax paid!


  4. For a nation supposed to be so Bible lead this woman will still be an abberation to many Americans . Family values was the core thrust of elections not long ago. Politicians wouldn’t dare stand without espousing the nuclear family. Did that only stop with the knee jerk reaction to the Bush years?


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