General Debate 14/04/11

Racism and Fascism and Thuggery and Auckland Ratepayers Fund It.

Auckland ratepayers will fund a group of unelected bludgers selected purely on the basis of their race and not by any democratic process and these bludgers will have voting rights on 11 of the committees they sit on. The NZ Herald reports-

Auckland ratepayers will pay $1.76 million for the initial funding package for the Maori Statutory Board under a deal agreed behind closed doors. [..] The package includes $984,200 in direct costs to the board, including remuneration of $75,000 for board chairman David Taipari, about $65,000 for deputy chair Patience Te Ao and about $53,000 for board members.

The council has agreed to provide finance and information technology services worth $264,000, two policy advisers and audit services worth $265,000 and one-off accommodation costs of $250,000 to house the board and staff in central Auckland.

Mr Brown said it had not been easy for the council to comply with the legislation that set up the board and resulted in the unelected board members sitting on 11 council committees with voting rights.

What is wrong with the citizens of Auckland that they let these gangsters and thugs get away with this fraud? What a basket case city, what a dirty grubby little mayor and what spineless people for tolerating this racist fascist affront to democracy.

17 thoughts on “General Debate 14/04/11

  1. Absolutely appalling situation.
    The Government should be introducing fastrack legislation to overturn this racist rubbish.


  2. “$75,000 for board chairman David Taipari, about $65,000 for deputy chair Patience Te Ao and about $53,000 for board members.”

    Better than the dole, eh Bro?

    The reason this disgusting display is occurring is because the sheeple of Auckland elected a communist mayor. Next time, maybe the centre-left can put up somebody a bit better than Banksie and the extreme left will get turfed out. Until then, Auckland, you gets what you paid for.


  3. Disgusting! Both the board and the mayor.

    That Brown got elected shows how many stupid and uninformed people live in Auckland. He’s a fucking idiot. He was helped along by the National-aligned candidate being unpopular with large numbers as well as having an abrasive public persona.

    We have no choice but to tolerate this apartheid governance of our city. Key & Co passed the legislation, despite Rodney’s protestations, to allow it. I’m beginning to think that Key is our own Manchurian candidate. He is slowly dismantling pakeha democracy and handing wealth and power to Maori………..with out our consent.


  4. It’s not a fraud it’s specifically legislated for. It’s not the fault of the citizens of Auckland (they were ambushed) or Len Brown (who has no choice but to figure out how to pay for it) or Maori (who are simply pursuing their rights under law) . The legislation is Rodney Hide’s brainchild, any vitriol should be aimed at him and the lawmakers who apparently passed it without knowing what was in it and the media. The media covered it with several page spreads in the newspaper without apparently reading the legislation (no investigative journalism) and the TV who were also missing in action on this one. It certainly is racist and anti-democratic though.


  5. Maxx – Rodney has stated that he did NOT want provision for a racist board, he fought against it at cabinet level ……… and was out voted by the Nats.


  6. On a slightly different path relating to the Bolt trial, and HT to roarprawn, see the article at:

    As this clearly shows, the whole “race issue” isn’t about race at all, nor is it about culture or multiculturalism, it is all about who can get their snout in the through USING a purported race or culture issue. The whole thing is nothing but an ordinary quest for dollars, dressed up in a PC driven guilt trip, typically abused by those on the left, who are always ready to use their perceived moral and social consciousness to get their fingers on a slice of taxpayer money.


  7. “It certainly is racist and anti-democratic though.”

    Its fascist too Max. What did you call the Nazis when they glorified the white race? Why is that label not applied to this glorification of the so called “Maori” race”. No race should ever be given special treatment, especially in matters of governance. These people are funded on a race basis. They are selected on a race basis. They intrude on the democratic process on a race basis. They are exulted because of their race. They govern us not because they are democratically elected but because of their race.

    This is fascism and it typifies what the left are today, and I don’t need any crocodile tears from communist scum like Len Brown either. He supports it.


  8. Bez- That comment from any other Professor at any other university would usually provoke calls for resignation. Berendhts is excused because of her faux aboriginal status.


  9. @RB: Interesting though that she is being called out by another race-based trougher. I’d say let them have a good go at one another and shortly the argument will be who is the “blackest” and who should therefore have the first bite of the apple. Nothing better than ordinary greed to expose true agendas. Unfortunately these things aren’t reported enough which gives them the opportunity to work out a back room deal to the detriment of the taxpayer. Len Brown’s shenanigans are a good example of how the books are cooked behind close doors.

    We mustn’t forget that there are real issues out there, whether it is around Maori or Aboriginals, but the problem as always is that those advocating these issues are quickly drawn into the money and power merry go round to the detriment of their cause and the real sufferers of any remaining injustices. Or, put differently, those throwing themselves up as advocates for a “cause” ought always be treated with a fair degree of skepticism and a thorough investigation of their motives as well as the money trail that connects them to their purported idealism.


  10. So, slightly OT, but…

    Has National released its List for the November election? Does anyone know is Tinkerbell is even on it, or if he’s leaving the Parliament to take up a career elsewhere … like for example negotiating settlements on behalf of corporate iwi?

    This fool and his liberal white guilt has done more damage, taken more action to enshrine separatist racism, than any of his predecessors. Including H3 (Margaret Wilson) and Doug Graham, and that’s saying something.

    This whole situation reminds me of a skit I once saw on the Billy T James show. Billy’s daughter had been arrested for some protest or other and Billy got her lawyered up – an educated Maori guy from a good firm. Nice suit, good experience, etc. Played IIRC by Tem Morrison. She started speaking to him in Maori and he looked at her with a blank stare & said ‘I don’t speak the lingo’. She decides he isn’t maori enough so finds her own lawyer – a scruffy white guy appears. Speaking maori and complete with a tiki & bone necklace. He goes on and on and on about when the maori push the white man back into the sea.

    Billy looks at him and says ‘you know when the maori push the white man back into the sea? Where you gonna go?’


  11. Bez, at $5660 that personal brewer would take a while to pay for itself – and that’s not allowing for the owner drinking all the profits 😉


  12. Kris K – did you really think it was meant for a commercial enterprise? I’d consider it for personal consumption. Maybe a bit for the mates……. ; )


  13. Obviously mass exodus and no new influx will dictate the future of an Akld filled with refugees. Cantabrians look like settling for Waikato and small towns.


  14. @Kris: yep, I already made a spreadsheet to sort all that out, guess I’ll have to go for the “emotional” argument to convince myself it’s worthwhile, a bit like the espresso machine, sports car and such.. Am a bit afraid also that the whole cleaning business and bottling enough supplies will be too similar to the old fashioned home brewing, and hence that the machine would quickly end up in the appliances graveyard.


  15. “Kris K – did you really think it was meant for a commercial enterprise?”

    Well no, Mawm – but at $5660 it’s a bloody expensive hobby. Although I could imagine beer officionardos standing around it, drinking beer, and debating its merits. Like Bez said, it could only be justified on an emotional basis 😉


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