Abandon Andrew Bolt Trial Right Now..!!!!

While Andrew Bolt stands before a soviet style kangaroo court in Melbourne accused of violating Australia’s obscene “race” laws, support for his cause has come from an unexpected quarter.

Bess Price has been vocal about the high levels of violence in central Australian indigenous communities and supported the Northern Territory intervention, angering left-leaning indigenous leaders who consider her a traitor.

High-profile indigenous lawyer Larissa Behrendt, a plaintiff in the Bolt case, tweeted: “I watched a show where a guy had sex with a horse and I’m sure it was less offensive than Bess Price.”

Bess Price was deeply offended by this comment. “I’m going to seek legal advice,” she said. “This is worse than what she is accusing Andrew Bolt of.” News Limited columnist Bolt has spent the past fortnight in court fighting accusations that he vilified a group of nine Aborigines, including Professor Behrendt, on the basis of their race. The Australian reports-

Ms Price said the comment showed how out of touch the indigenous academic was with central Australian Aborigines. “I want what she has for my children,” she said.

“The white blackfellas should be happy about the lifestyle they have. They should help us rather than trying to put a barrier between us and what we should be saying. Who does she think she is? I’m very angry about that. [..] They think that they can control us, that I shouldn’t be commenting or having an opinion on indigenous issues.

“And the likes of her and others don’t know anything about our people in the bush. Who are they to stand up and talk on behalf of our people. My background is totally different to hers, we are culturally different.”

In an email sent to a network of people, Ms Price’s husband Dave Price, writes: “It’s people like her who control the message, going to organisations like the UN and Amnesty International. Can the Race Discrimination Act protect people like Bess from this sort of obscene vilification or does she get away with it because she identifies?”

“Larissa Behrendt has made money out of being a blackfella and she isn’t even in dire straits like other blackfellas who need funding,” Ms Price said.

Bolt’s farcical trial should be abandoned right now. The law he is alleged to have broken should be expunged from the statutes. Its not about race, its about politics.

[Top thumbnail is Larissa Behrendt, lower is Bess Price] Hat Tip Bez.

10 thoughts on “Abandon Andrew Bolt Trial Right Now..!!!!

  1. Let’s just hope Bess Price does take legal action against wannabe “blackfella” Larissa Behrendt. Smearing cowardly hypocrits like Behrendt are the ones who should be on trial for causing genuine offence!


  2. No no no. You guys just don’t get it, because you’re white. And therefore racist.

    Only whitey can be racist. Blackfellas, even pretend ones, can say whatever the hell they like. It isn’t racist. You racists.


  3. At 1/8th, you’re more of a bro than the Harawiras. Quick mate, stick your snout in the trough! Hey, you could declare Waiheke Island ‘wahi tapu’ and tell all the whiteys to get off.


  4. “[Top thumbnail is Larissa Behrendt, lower is Bess Price]”

    Are you trying to be funny or something, Red, or just stating the bloody obvious?

    Although I guess it is damn hard telling those “blackfellas” apart 😉

    Apologies: That should be “blackfella-esses” – I hope I didn’t offend anyone.


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  6. Larissa is an opportunist. She has done nothing for black communities. She sits on boards and makes a lot of money being a pretend blackfella, while the real black fellas suffer. Take her to court Ms Price. The people of Australia are behind you.


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