General Debate 15/04/11

National MP Melissa Lee- All Sweetness and Light

National MP Melissa Lee spoke out strongly against illegal file-sharing this week, but does she practise what she preaches?

As the Copyright (Infringing File Sharing) Amendment bill passed its third reading, Ms Lee told the House: “Breaking a law, whether it is actually assault on a person or an assault on a copyright, should be punished, not actually excused.” But earlier in the week, she said via Twitter that she was going to listen to a “compilation a friend did for me of K Pop” – South Korean pop music.

This was replied to by @christopherbull: “I really hope that compilation was all copyright cleared. Otherwise, you know, you’d be a glaring hypocrite.” Ms Lee said last night the compilation was made of songs that were legally downloaded and paid for. “I’m not a pirate. I have never downloaded anything illegally in my life.” Earlier she had told the House she did not even know how file-sharing through peer-to-peer systems worked.

National MP Tau Henare said he had illegally downloaded music, but others, including Attorney-General Chris Finlayson and Prime Minister John Key, denied it outright.

Derek Cheng- NZ Herald

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  1. Regarding Melissa Lee’s – “I’m not a pirate. I have never downloaded anything illegally in my life.” – and yet she thinks it ok to receive music files SOMEONE ELSE has paid for and downloaded?

    This is no different to someone burning you a CD from their collection (which they’ve paid for) – you’ve still breached copyright by not paying for it yourself.

    Don’t you just love how these politicians twist the truth and reframe the debate when they’ve been caught out?!


  2. I’ve had many arguments about IP over at Creswell’s. For the information of the regulars on this blog, my stance on IP is anarcho-libertarian, i.e. I do not believe that IP is in fact property, but is nothing but a system of state granted monopolies that heavily frustrates the development of ideas and innovation to the detriment of consumers.
    Anybody interested in the arguments pro and con should visit
    I’d be happy to engage in debate on that.


  3. ““Breaking a law, whether it is actually assault on a person or an assault on a copyright, should be punished, not actually excused.”

    But apparently the National Party trampling all over our property rights is ok….


  4. KG – Too right, but don’t forget that gummint knows better, so shut up and be a brave little serf.


  5. This law will be about as successful as chipping the pooches law. More bullshit from a bullshitting administration trying to bullshit the people.


  6. Well I believe the Maori when he says he downloaded Music. and I believe the pakeha when he said he didn’t. all very natural in the run of things. Of course when it becomes illegal admissions will be very thin. But there goes the saying…what is inappropriate soon becomes illegal.


  7. Straight from the “useful idiot” file:

    Pro-Palestinian activist hanged by Gaza militants:


  8. Angus,
    His name wasn’t Luc Hansen by any chance …

    Yeah, these dumb arses just don’t get it, do they? If the Muslims managed to set up their global caliphate do they really believe they’ll get preferential treatment as non-Muslims? Stupid is as stupid does!


  9. LOL Kris.

    The militant muzzies don’t appear to respond to appeasement or arse-kissing very well, so I imagine Luc wouldn’t be too well received.


  10. “so I imagine Luc wouldn’t be too well received”, fuck that would be a shame 🙂


  11. The infringe file sharing law smacks of something else. The government did a deal with Hollywood to keep the filming of The Hobbit local. Did the deal include passing this law? Or was it to secure a FTA with the USA? I suspect both.

    I know National MP Katrina Shanks. What she knows about technology could be written on a stamp. Watching her speech in parliament supporting this bill was hilarious and depressing.

    The saddest part is 90% of parliament is comprised of people much less capable than her who want to govern our lives and believe it is their manifest destiny to do so.


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