National Party Pushes Through Legislation That Forces ISPs To Disconnect File Sharers

The replacement Copyright (Infringing File Sharing) Amendment Bill, which aims to stamp out internet piracy, is expected to pass through its final stage today. The new law would allow copyright owners to ask for a six-month suspension of the internet accounts of those who repeatedly infringe by sharing protected material. The Copyright Tribunal, which will hear file-sharing claims, will be able to award penalties of up to $15,000.

Parliament was sitting under urgency last night, and the Copyright (Infringing File Sharing) Amendment Bill was expected to pass its third and final stage.

Would someone tell me what is “urgent” about this bill? These duplicitous technically retarded scum need throwing out on their slimy arses. Furthermore, its long past time for some serious redrafting of copyright laws if they are going to result in these kind of assaults on privacy. Such laws are completely incompatible with naturally developing technology advances.

Update- Kiwiblog says “Overall I think Simon Power has done well on this issue, with the exception of the use of urgency for the remaining stages. The policy process of the last two years was good, and the changes made to the law have overall been beneficial.”

7 thoughts on “National Party Pushes Through Legislation That Forces ISPs To Disconnect File Sharers

  1. in its first two years National pushed 17 laws through without allowing public submissions – compared to the four or five each term when Labour was in government.

    Urgency extends the sitting hours of Parliament, allowing the Government to get more legislation through. It allows a government to easily bypass the select committee process, where the public give views on law changes and MPs iron out problems in the bill.

    I guess Key & Co have found that there are too many objections (S59, ETS, MaCAB) from the public over their unpopular laws….. for which they were never given a mandate. It makes it far easier for them to claim that the majority of the electorate were not against passing them. Obama light?


  2. Fortunately the fascists will be overtaken by technology as they always are in matters related to the internet. I envisage that eventually the internet infrastructure will be added to through a patchwork of private short-wave radio networks with their own DNS structure, bypassing ISP’s and thereby the potential for governments to interfere. The technology is there, what is still lacking is a determined effort to get it off the ground and it reaching critical mass.


  3. Copyright my arse. This is about net censorship. National are willing participants to an International push to fast track this legislation, young Barry and his cabal of socialist thugs are up to their fascist balls in the same sort of crap in the US. National are a total and utter disgrace, they’re now giving the leftist scum they tossed out a run for their money. No doubt these politicians think they are clever bastards, law by decree and urgency has become beltway slang for “fuck you jack”.


  4. SSB – you’ll find the is UN behind this. They don’t want any dissent when the One World Government is in place.

    If it was truely about copyright infringement, then the aggrieved party could take the perpetrator to court in a civil case……..just like everybody else has to.

    Fu*k this Key is a devious, lying ****.


  5. @mawm: unfortunately it’s worse than that, the Nats are not part of any plot at all, they’re just the useless idiots doing all of this because they think it’ll lead to “trade agreements”. The real players behind all this stuff are well hidden from sight and impervious to any and all democratic and judicial process.


  6. Bez – the UN has told them they have to comply or they’ll scuttle the trade deals. The ETS is a core UN project at present………..and John Key has fallen in line.


  7. Mawm – yes, it applies to ETS as well. JK is, as said, a useful idiot to those with much larger fish to fry, and he is happy to sell us all to the sharks, so long as it gives him the opportunity to live his childhood dream.


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