Celebrate Earth Day You Brainwashed Half Educated Dopey Watermelon Suckers

A special video (31 seconds only) for all the poor little Watermelons out there, suffering from a destructive lack of education and a surfeit of brainwashing in the faux environmentalist cause. That Earth Day is the anniversary of Vladimir Lenin’s birthday is all you really need to know. Hat tip to the Dave Matthews Band. (The Watermelon Song)

Categories: Environment

6 replies

  1. Good sized tree….Have a good Easter break all!


  2. Lot of skill in that, even if it doesn’t show.


  3. Correct, it takes some know how to drop a tree that large so cleanly.


  4. Oh noes – productive work..!

    Are our watermelon friends unaware that you can grow more trees..? In fact that the more wood and paper we use the more trees we shall grow and people we shall employ..?



  1. Now The Picture Is Clear « Does It All Matter 2

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