Heather Roy Blog Comments Under NZ Media Radar- US Senator Resigns After Similar Event

Its an example of the sad state of reporting in NZ that nobody in the mainstream media seems to have done any investigative reporting on the strange set of comments to Heather Roy’s blog all emanating from the same two IP address allocated to Heather Roy’s home and/ or office. See here.

The US media is not so lame. US Republican Senator Cecil Staton of Macon, after becoming involved in a similar event in the state of Georgia, excused himself from his duties as Senate majority whip, a spokesman confirmed Tuesday. It appeared Macon had sent a series of emails under the name “Beth Merkleson” attacking state Lt. Governor Lt. Gov. Casey Cagle. The Atlanta Journal- Constitution reports-

Over the last week, Capitol insiders and Republican activists have received near daily e-mails from a woman who called herself “Beth Merkleson”, and pronounced her self outraged by Cagle’s attempt to reassert his authority as president of the Senate.

According to data from the sectary of state’s office, there is no “Beth or Elizabeth Merkleson” registered to vote in Georgia. Searches on Nexus turn up no evidence that such a person exists.

Members of the Senate Republican Caucus today were handed a 10-page report compiled by Arch Adams of Hartwell, an Internet and political junkie, who says Merkleson and Staton shared the same computer IP address on Saturday, 19 minutes apart.

He used an alias, “T Smith,” to send a note to Merkleson. The note came back signed, “Cecil Staton.” So there’s one clue.

“In parallel with [that] communication, on Friday afternoon we established communication with Merkleson using the alias Sharon Kingston. Again, Sharon Kingston expressed support for Merkleson’s position. We wanted to build enough trust to reduce Merkleson’s suspicion when we eventually fed her the bait website link.” On Saturday, Merkleson – the only outsider with the web address – clicked on it. Then Adams sent an e-mail to Staton’s private address, with this message:

”I’m giving you the courtesy of a heads up. 2012 will be exciting: http://www.DumpCecil.com”

Within 19 minutes, Staton clicked on it with his BlackBerry. The two websites indicated that both he and Merkleson shared the same IP address. Which means Merkleson and Staton could have been at the same Starbuck outlet, using the same wireless. Or that they are the same person.

At least Senator Staton had the decency to feel some shame and resign as whip. There has been nothing but silence from Heather Roy.

The Political Vine also reports on the story.

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2 replies

  1. She was questioned on TV3 tonight and says there are 6 people living in her house. She claims she did not do it. It is possible that her husband or children could have blogged but dies that make it any better?


  2. Thanks for the tip. I watched the video on TV3’s website and was really unimpressed by Roy’s twisting and turning. Such arrogant denials..!!! She should resign. You can’t have people like that in parliament.


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