General Debate 27/04/11

Pastor Terry Jones imprisoned to prevent Detroit Koran protest

A local judge jailed Pastor Terry Jones of Gainesville, Florida and his associate Wayne Sapp after a court found their planned protest outside the Islamic Center of America in Dearborn, Michigan, could lead to violence. During his court appearance, Pastor Jones argued that the Koran “promotes terrorist activities around the world.”

He also insisted that his right to protest against Islam was protected by the First Amendment to the US Constitution. “The First Amendment does us no good if it confines us to saying what is popular,” he pointed out.

But Dearborn Police Chief Ronald Haddad testified that his department had received information about serious threats made against Pastor Jones from local residents, and argued that his protest could lead to violence if allowed.

Prosecutor Robert Moran argued that the protest had nothing to do with the First Amendment and at stake were security and peace in the community. The jury sided with the prosecution and Judge Mark Somers set bond at the symbolic amount of $1 each for the two pastors, which they initially refused to pay.

Following their refusal, both were escorted to a local jail. But local media reported both men changed their minds after spending about an hour behind bars and posted the $1 bond. Under the judge’s ruling, both Pastor Jones and Mr Sapp are now prohibited by the court from going to the mosque for three years.

But Pastor Jones was quoted by The Detroit Free Press as saying the two “will come back next week” to try to organise a new protest. UK Telegraph.

6 thoughts on “General Debate 27/04/11

  1. Excerpted from: Why the Media won’t touch me – and never will
    Posted by Ann Barnhardt – April 25, AD 2011 9:46 AM MST

    Next, the mainstream media will never have anything to do with me because they know that to do so would be to take the rhetorical equivalent of a chainsaw sideways up the poop chute. They only want to go up against the weak. Jones is weak. The media whores (on both sides – because all mainstream media players are whores chasing a paycheck at the end of the day) are indeed smarter than Jones. They are NOT smarter than me, and they know this. Not that that is saying much.

    I saw this story of yours and began to think of Terry Jones being used by the Agency of Lies like they use Fred Phelps (who is associate with Jones). Like the trumped up Trump picking of low and overripe fruit, I smell SKUNCs at work with the way the Jones is being foisted as “The Anti-Muslim Kook.” Why? It’s written all over the coverage — for guilt by association purposes, naturally. “You’re not anti-muslim like that kook are you?”


  2. You’re right Bez. Barnhardt said she was gonna list two very simple reasons and wound up listing a handful. She overlooked that one. I posted this because there is a bit of humor in what she’s saying, and some of it self-deprecating, but nothing is so humorous in a sad way of what idiots the media employs and the number of libs who have yet to catch on yet. The trolls visiting this site provide daily proof of how gullible they are.


  3. Bez, reader Cond0010, trying to help me nail down what is the “new” morality, struck on the idea that what the schools have tried to indoctrinate us with, and apparently succeeded with too many, is the equivalent of malware.

    After this observation and conclusion:
    “The aim was to mold students to have an ‘open mind.’ This is why the ‘best’ liberals never hear what you have to say about the lessons of the past. They’ve been inculcated to ignore it all lest they be seen as lacking that open mind their favorite teachers so treasured.”
    He built up his premise a bit more and that resulted in “Malware Designed for the Heart”. I posted it early this morning on my blog as a guest commentary.


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