David Farrar Brackets Obama Eligibility Campaigners with Truthers

In yet another example of his strange susceptibility to left wing talking points, soft leftist blogger David Farrar rushes to pile scorn on those who demanded that Obama prove his Constitutional eligibility for the office of President.

“Maybe now people will STFU on this issue” screeches our Dave, cravenly seeking the approval of his beltway Wellington mates.

In order to protect Obama, the left and their mainstream media allies have pushed the propaganda that asking Obama to prove his eligibility was a “distraction”. Without ever explaining how this could be. Did the left ever say that their harassment of Richard Nixon, who eventually had to retire, was a “distraction”? When did the left ever describe their constant probing of George Bush’s past as a distraction? Hell, at least the right isn’t forging documents to try and trap Obama.

Why shouldn’t Obama be attacked on all fronts? Why does it have to be one or the other? There’s no rationale behind these complaints, Its just a result of endless left wing media talking points making an impression on those so called “rightists” who have always been too weak to really confront the left, and through this weakness have allowed the left to gain the almost insurmountable beach head they now enjoy in our society today.

I say attack Barak Obama and his left wing acolytes on every front you can. On his eligibility, his gangsterism, his hidden past, his failed economic policies, his failed global policies, his lies and deceit. Everything.

Since when did we characterise any attacking point on a political opponent as a distraction? To hell with that. I say we hit the left with every damn thing we’ve got, and we never make the mistake of playing by their rules. I’ll take Donald Trump over David Farrar any day. For all his political confusion, at least Trump knows how to fight.

The strategy to call those attacking Obama on his constitutional eligibility “birthers” was a cowardly plan devised by the left with the intent of bracketing them with the “truthers” who claim Bush engineered the 9/11 attacks. That Farrar buys so completely into this strategy shows how easily manipulated he is by the left and why they have been winning for so long.

We need fighters like Trump, not appeasers like Farrar, too frightened to really take the fight to the left because it might get him offside with the Progressive Wellington beltway boys, girls and inbetweens he constantly fawns over.

14 thoughts on “David Farrar Brackets Obama Eligibility Campaigners with Truthers

  1. Red, I must strongly object to you falling in the trap set by the leftist. This whole “truther” idea is simply aimed at tarring people with righteous and relevant questions by bracketing them with conspiracy theorists that see the had of Bush, UFO’s, Satan or whatever behind the 9/11 attacks. This approach is no different from the tactics in respect of “birthers” . You know that I take a certain stand on the 9/11 catastrophe, that involves a strong skepticism toward the official NISC report and the narrative provided by the authorities. My opinion is solely based on my. Own engineering insights and extensive reading of material provided by real and reputable scientists. Note that the relevant science in that respect, such as engineering, physics, chemistry, is much more settled than any of the hogwash that for instance the ETS is based on.
    I take exception to being thrown on a heap with people who believe to see the devil in cloud formations on 9/11 because I cannot square for instance the simple laws of physics in respect of falling bodies in the earth’s gravitational field and simple engineering principles with the observable facts of the collapse of the towers. The official narrative has never addressed those questions, and any so called “debunking” always amounts to ad hominem attacks.
    I think people should recognize that there is no such easily identifiable group as the label truthers assumes, and that there certainly aren’t any certifiably insane characteristics in many people that are conveniently tarred by that brush.


  2. N.B. Excuses for my weird typos, I have taken delivery of an ipad2, and while it is great fun, one must get used to it’s keyboard and automatic correction facilities.


  3. Don’t blame Farrar too much.
    All NZ political parties are a variation on an incurable welfare State theme.
    You can’t blame a dog for p*ssing on a post….it’s just what dogs do, they are otherwise incapable. (Not in any way referring to Dave as a dog, think metaphor). Dave loves the sociability of the process….any process will do.

    There’s no way back for NZ .


  4. I don’t think so much that Farrar is ‘manipulated’ by the left. It’s more like Farrar is representative of the left.


  5. Bez, have you ever tried to get a huge project aimed at a real objective off the ground? Have you ever worked with a bunch of people all supposedly working towards the same objective but at the same time fractured by all the self focused interests that always apply?

    Have you ever tried to herd cats? I’m not talking political projects. I’m talking about just normal everyday projects like mines, buildings, damns, power stations, exploration, property development.

    The personal interaction is so affected by so many different objectives it is a big factor in getting the job done, and for this reason I cannot believe it is possible to meet the level of secrecy that would be needed to underpin the kind of operation such as the twin towers attack from within the US government.


  6. Red – Yes, I have conceived and managed large projects, as well as large organizations. No, I have never herded cats. I am not very interested in the question of the logistics of any proposed involvement of any group at this time, all I am interested in are answers to strictly technical and scientific questions. Any social or political issues can be considered separately, they are in an entirely different domain.
    This is also why I have great problems with stopping a scientific inquiry on grounds that properly belong in another domain, it’s just not according to the scientific method. Let me give an example, investigating whether the earth revolved around the sun or the other way around was long considered an irrelevant project, because religious dogma already proved otherwise. In a similar fashion many now accept that global warming is beyond scientific debate, because it has been agreed as fact by political consensus. Exactly the same applies when you argue that the technical questions around 9/11 are irrelevant because it is assumed impossible to organize such a thing. That argument is utterly misconstrued. In concrete terms, I could for instance be convinced if a reputed physicist and engineer could provide calculations that explained the rapid collapse and huge lateral displacements that took place. I could be convinced if calculations or experiments showed how a low temperature and short fire could sufficiently weaken the buildings’ cores to result in total collapse within their footprints. I would be convinced if their was evidence or experiment that could explain the ubiquitous presence of high explosive chemical residue in all debris. I would be convinced if energy calculations could be shown that explain the complete transfer of thousand of tons of steel of concrete into dust, and residue of molten steel, from energy resulting solely from gravitational displacement and a few tons of jet fuel.
    None of these questions have been satisfactorily answered, and they all are in an objective and concrete domain. That is my issue, not whether plot leading to this destruction can be conceived and executed. In that respect, I could suggest that it is also asking a bit much to believe that a group of ignorant goat herders could achieve this result, but as I said, that is an argument that I am not at all interested in at this stage. We first must understand what actually happened.


  7. “Exactly the same applies when you argue that the technical questions around 9/11 are irrelevant because it is assumed impossible to organize such a thing.”

    The key is “organize and carry out in secret“.

    As for the technical arguments, I have read many from both sides and I am firmly of the opinion that what happened when the towers collapsed was firmly within the confines of engineering probability. Of course I cannot know completely 100% for sure, (whoever could?) but considering what I do know, and my views on whether such a project could be carried out, I’m not prepared to put time into arguing what I perceive as an extremely remote possibility.


  8. Farrar calls himself a “classic liberal”. What a bloody joke!!!
    He is a good example of how lost today’s National Party is. Full of pinkos.


  9. Just read this-
    “There are at least 5 presidents that have at least one foreign born parent, so the citizenship of his parents would only be relevant if he was born elsewhere. Thus, the historical precedent is that Obama is a natural born citizen, which can only mean that he was born within the USA.”

    I think this issue is over. Happy to receive your apology now Red.


  10. I’ll leave your comment up, but I will not lower myself to argue with such an uninformed time wasting mental lightweight. Please, just go back to Keywiblog.


  11. This is just further evidence that Farrar and Keywiblog have lost any relevance and objectivity. Of course Farrar parallels his “leader’s” use of the typical Leftist method of resorting to ad hominem attack on ones ideological enemies: Key calls Brash an “extremist” while Farrar calls those who question the obfuscation surrounding Obama’s birth cert “Birthers”.

    Farrar is just as compromised and Left-wing as is his lying and traitorous “leader” quisling Key. How do these spineless jellyfish sleep at night – the self-loathing must be unbearable?!


  12. Washington Times Editorial today-
    “Barack Hussein Obama II was born on Aug. 4, 1961, in Honolulu, Hawaii. For over two years, the president has resisted pressure to divulge this simple biographical information, which proves he’s a natural-born citizen. The belated White House release of the “long form” birth certificate answers one constitutional issue, but a host of other questions remains about the most mysterious president in modern history.”

    I think this was an apology from Reddy- “I’ll leave your comment up, but I will not lower myself to argue with such an uninformed time wasting mental lightweight. Please, just go back to Keywiblog.”

    I think my work is done here 🙂


  13. You’re a legend in your own mind, Scott. And quoting your compromised and corrupt media lackies in an attempt to validate your claims only makes you look more of a gullible and slow-witted fool.


  14. “And quoting your compromised and corrupt media lackies in an attempt to validate your claims only makes you look more of a gullible and slow-witted fool.”

    Exactly. I should not have humoured the commie idiot. They’re all completely brain dead, and its not as if we need any more proof.


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