Key and Rest of Far Left Label ACT “Extremist”

The soft leftist John Key has labelled Don Brash as extremist before, and in his first real comment about the Brash takeover, he’s doing it again. This is a favourite smear of the cowardly left and its objective is to marginalise anyone with ideas outside the “approved” politically correct spectrum.

It shows clearly where John Key’s mind is. Its further proof that the National Party have been hijacked by the left. Here’s what NewstalkZB reports today, and if you read it, you can see how John Key’s approach is almost identical to that of Marxist Watermelon Metiria Turei-

Labour, the Greens and United Future have labelled Don Brash an extremist who uses divisive tactics to get votes. Greens co-leader Metiria Turei says the influence he will have over a National government is scary. She says Dr Brash is an extremist in economics and his Maori views, and has not answered the questions of dishonesty raised in the 2005 election, and those issues will frighten centre-right voters.

Mr Key says ACT has always had extreme views, and it’s up to it how much it wants to engage with National in the future.

That John Key labels a party that is actually far far closer to the original National Party founding principles than his own party is another sign of how far the Nats have been taken down the left wing road by Key and his acolytes. John Key must earn the contempt of all on the right for his willingness to utilize the tactics of the Marxist watermelons and the extreme left of Labour in his differences with ACT.

When has Key ever called the Watermelons or his good friends in the Separatist Maori Party extremists?

Key has taken National even further left than it was under Shipley and Bolger. He and other key members of the party have to be held to account for their treachery, and voting for Brash is the best way to do that. Every time the coward Key uses that word “extremist”, he unwittingly reveals whose side he is really on. Don’t vote for those leftist turncoats who currently control National. They’re complete fakes.

10 thoughts on “Key and Rest of Far Left Label ACT “Extremist”

  1. I think Brash should come out and state that he’d consider to go into coalition with the Nats but also with Labour (after all there’s little difference anyway). That would make things a bit more interesting. (and let’s face it, we are screwed with either of them anyway)


  2. Why doesn’t Quisling Key label the watermelons or the secession party ‘extremists’?

    That’s easy. He thinks he may have to do a deal with them after the election. Mark my words, Quisling Key and (especially) Bill English would rather go into coalition with Adolf bloody Hitler than Don Brash. English would rather swallow this morning’s turd than have Brash sitting round the table reminding him every single day how he very nearly destroyed the party, and how he is even now destroying the economy.


  3. I saw the interview between Campbell and Brash last night on Campbell Live. Any faux outrage by quisling Key falsely accusing Brash of being an “extremeist” was trumped by, and was indeed completely accurate, where Brash identified Key as being “spineless”. Beautiful!

    Keep it up, Don – we need to call out these lying and cowardly traitors for what they are! It’s about time we had someone in NZ politics who evidences testicular fortitude.

    Every time I hear sellout Neville speak I feel warm bile begin to rise in my throat.


  4. heh. Nobody likes a sore loser, and everyone hates a tantrum, but it looks like someone is taking their bat and ball, sticking their thumb firmly in their mouth and fucking off to the Libertarianz where he belongs.

    🙂 Anyone bring the popcorn?


  5. Do candidates for the National Party have to sign any paper to say that they have read their party’s founding principles; what they are meant to stand for?
    It is quite common for public companies to have you read and sign various agreements before you can start.
    I’m not expecting any National Party member to ever abide by their written manifesto but I’m stupid enough to think they should at minimum know what they are meant to stand for.


  6. Who’d have thought it? – promoting equality between races is extreme! Key has lost all perspective.


  7. Do candidates for the National Party have to sign any paper to say that they have read their party’s founding principles; what they are meant to stand for?

    It would be a good idea, but I don’t think anything they have right now would measure up to the founding principles.

    As far as I know, all recent National Party MPs have had to sign a new declaration that John Key wrote when he took over. Goes something like this-

    To promote good citizenship and self-reliance; to combat communism and socialism; to maintain freedom of contract; to encourage private enterprise; to safeguard individual rights and the privilege of ownership; to oppose interference by the State in business, and State control of industry”. and to encourage separatism and kiss Maori arse at every opportunity.


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