Farrar and Mallard- Handbags at Twenty Paces

Had to laugh at a spiteful little exchange I came across while browsing this morning. Far left extremist Trevor Mallard and soft leftist David Farrar having another little Perez Hilton style blog tiff and being oh so nasty.

Trevor is pissed at David because he hadn’t given Labour’s silly internet billboards any attention and claimed Farrar was acting on orders from National. The comment was laced with the usual invective about Farrar’s blog being indirectly financed by the National Party. Farrar likened Trevor to a “K Road Whore”. Trevor swings his handbag viciously and smears Farrar as a slave of Bill English. He says he has no knowledge of how whores operate but enigmatically asks Farrar if he “works both sides of those transactions as well.”

I’m banned from commenting at both blogs so I can’t add to the diversion. Not that I could think of much to say. I received demerits from the soft left Farrar ostensibly for using the word “fuckwit” (but really for being highly critical of National) and from the extreme left Red Alert for something far more serious that I cannot remember. If I could comment, I’d probably say something mild like “go for it girls, but mind you don’t get a run in your panty hose”.

Politics in the NZ blogosphere- always so deep and meaningful. Red Alert- “Who feathers penguin’s nest?

10 thoughts on “Farrar and Mallard- Handbags at Twenty Paces

  1. “works both sides of those transactions as well.”

    Very funny…….and maybe a little close to the bone?

    a slave of Bill English.

    This would explain the nastiness about Brash moving to ACT. Maybe I should pay more attention to Trevor’s loose tongue.


  2. While these protagonists pretend to be in for the rough and tumble they’re actually prima donnas.Both have a lot to say but aren’t that articulate.And what’s wrong with “fuckwit”. Kiwiblog is pretty blue in respect of it’s language.
    Always puts me in mind of Cpl Jones’ ,”They don’t like it up ’em”. And when he said “it” he meant British steel……..


  3. … reminds me of two communists arguing about which shade of red their flag should be …


  4. Farrar the faggot can shove his pathetic blog up his fat arse. I hope big bruv the vile coward narks up this comment so i can get more demerits. Kiwiblog banned sanity years ago, nowadays it’s a foaming cess pit of demented nutbars .


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