Memo To Herald Editor- Blogging Sellout Farrar is a National Supporter, and No Right Winger

Once there was the blogosphere, and it arose as an antidote to the poison and lies of an overwhelmingly left wing mainstream media. Shocked by its rise, the mainstream media needed a defense strategy, and that strategy was, if you can’t beat them, join them.

So we had putrid gatherings of Progressive/ Liberal dromgools such as exist in great numbers at the NZ Herald creating a myriad of web addresses they called blogs, when they were really just fake blogs. Written by employees of the mainstream media who were just the same old liberal journalists full of the same old liberal bullshit and differing from their newspaper colleagues only by means of the introductory screed on their web pages.

The other thing the managers of the Herald found worrying was that perhaps there were not enough opinion writers with views that diverged from your standard left wing drivel of the kind pumped out by such empty vessels as Kerre Woodham and Matt McCarten et al. So they hired the confused and politically incoherent Deborah Coddington and a few others such as… err such as.. actually I can’t think of any.

But wait, to the Herald’s rescue comes.. wait for it.. Its Superblogger….!! Yes David Farrar, who deserves much of the credit for blogging’s popularity in NZ, has sold out- joined the other side. Betrayed the blogging community. It was kind of forgivable that he could write for the NBR, but the Herald?? The Herald??? What an utterly disgusting betrayal of principle.

And here is the rub. The Herald editor probably thinks he has scored a bit of a coup by bringing on board someone his employees often write of as a “right wing blogger”. No doubt to help Deborah carry the burden. In fact Farrar has never been a “right winger”. He is a Supporter of the National Party, and that party calls people they perceive as even slightly right wing “extremists”.

Farrar has slowly banished all who effectively criticise National from his blog, and it is now populated by inane chit chat that is so politically neutral in style it rivals the mindless drivel one reads on the Trade Me message boards. Nauseating National party sycophants cruise supremely among blathering politically ignorant innately socialist knuckle draggers with interesting and challenging comment being as as scarce as rocking horse shit.

Farrar has sold out. Not really surprising. The Herald has bought a crock. Or maybe not. Maybe its all part of their plan to cheer for a National Party that is so far left and possessed of such a Progressive leader its actually deemed worthy of support by those disgusting leftist propagandists who work at the nauseating propaganda sheet that poses as a newspaper. David Farrar will perhaps fit right in with the Herald’s objectives.

We real bloggers will fight on.

11 thoughts on “Memo To Herald Editor- Blogging Sellout Farrar is a National Supporter, and No Right Winger

  1. Two world-class rants in a single morning. Good work even for you, Red.

    Did you happen to make it through the article and the comments without vomiting? Reading those comments made me wonder how it’s possible my beautiful homeland is not even more rooted than appears. Hardly a coherent thought among them. So many willing to bow down to the false god of Maori supremacy. So many blindly following the meme that Brash is ‘too old’ and ‘extreme’. These sadly retarded individuals wrapped safely in the security blanket of the she-beasts socialism have probably never even thought to read the ‘World’ section of the Herald, let alone venture to read the news from Australia, the US ,the UK and the rest of Europe. They probably don’t even realise their security blanket is on fire, burning up their children’s and grandchildren’s futures so coming generations will suffer under a crippling mountain of debt and primitive, savage cultural practices (of which new ones are created every week to ensure the dipping into the pocket of New Zealand’s precious few productive never ends).

    New Zealand, what have you done to yourself? You are committing suicide of a thousand cuts with a bread knife. Either stop cutting or get a decent knife, because it really is heart-breaking to watch.

    One can only hope there are enough sensible people left in the country to give Brash support come November. Brash for PM, or at least Minister of Finance. Other than that, will the last one out please shut off the lights.


  2. Plus, one can now burn NZ flags at the Cenotaph on ANZAC day as well, courtesy to the SC. I wonder though whether burning korans in front of a mosque at ramadan will be met with similar compassion.


  3. “..Nauseating National party sycophants cruise supremely among blathering politically ignorant innately socialist knuckle draggers with interesting and challenging comment being as as scarce as rocking horse shit.”



  4. I go to Kiwiblog to debate with lefties over there. I don’t go there to read anything from Farrar since he doesn’t write anything new. Even some so called right wingers in there @ Kiwiblog seems confused to me of what political philosophies they believe in and Mr Farrar is in this category. Eg, he seems to favor property rights in some issues but completely contradicts himself on the same topic (ie, property rights) when it comes to Telecom. He is a cheerleader for the kneecapping of Telecom by the last Labour Govt. Does he seem confused? I betcha!


  5. Bez,

    Re burning books o/s of mosques. That would most definitly fit the bill for an offense as our friends from the religion of perpetual outrage would ensure a breach of the peace in response to said act.
    By contrast you can burn our symbols in front of most western crowds and we will gently tut tut ,let the police do their duty and then allow our judges to insult us all over again from their exalted position on the bench.We allow our politicians to do the same with CIRs.
    Human rights are destroying the west and the muzzies know when and where to push . We just keep bending over and our once great legal system endorses the results.


  6. I doubt if David realises it but he risks destroying the one thing that has brought him the lime light. I’ve visited Kiwiblog for years and in the early days it was a chance to stick it up the man. Things have changed at kiwiblog or maybe it’s just me but what use to lefty hating paradise has turned into a general political blog that caters for all and sundry. I’m picking David’s success originated when views expressed were a lot further right then the sickly treacle now expressed and word got around that Kiwiblog offered a much better alternative then the crap MSM pushed. Davids downfall may be his own successfulness. He now is a fully fledged political commentator and now is part of the system, he has become the man.


  7. I do understand your dislike of Ferrar. I see his like here too. The decay runs so deep, the power amassed so great, that the lure of gaining mainstream recognition may very well have at core of the shortcomings with KB from the start. You all know better — but that’s the sense I’ve been getting.

    I don’t know the answer, I only keep on trying. I do know that the likes of us can push and push and push and still get almost nowhere.

    And that it seems to make no matter how untrustworthy MSM — and by extension blogs seeking its approval — becomes, the incessant pounding of lies, half truths, dissembling will still succeed in inculcating lies — or at least confusion and chaos — in the general public. It will be as if Joseph Goebbels never died.

    I was inspired by reading you and KG today to write up a long forgotten event that the American press seems to have stuffed down the memory hole beginning on the day I remembered seeing it on TV over 16 years ago. I should have written this 3 years ago, but I so hate writing. (In a way, this took 4 years to complete.) Mitt Romney So Lacks Courage to be President That We Need a New Press
    And it ends with the acknowledgement that though we may have heart, we need someones who can give us a lift. I’m pretty sure you’ll understand, and it may seem an impossible, but pull is far more effective than push.


  8. Anybody read DPF’s latest “Luke I’m not your Father” piece. This is a poorly disguised effort to sustain or bring some leftist talking points into the debate. The Nats must be sweating about the Brash offensive to such an extent that they have sent their hatchet man on yet another mission (in addition to the “sudden” elevation to the wide stream media)


  9. “It’s Turned into a luke warm bath, kind of like the National party.”

    Kind of reminds me of the following, BL:

    Rev 3:15 I know thy works, that thou art neither cold nor hot: I would thou wert cold or hot.
    Rev 3:16 So then because thou art lukewarm, and neither cold nor hot, I will spue thee out of my mouth.

    I think many of us have “spewed out” both KB and the National Party. But fear not; judgement is just around the corner – hopefully come November.


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